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Tuesday Edition

Harley-Davidsons Women's Miss Enthusiast Triple Vent Leather Jacket

Sometimes You Get Everything Right

Gary Koz Mraz



Sometimes you just get everything right.  As a career moto journalist, I can usually find fault pretty quickly, especially when it comes to jackets. I whine about venting, lack of pockets, shoddy construction, poor fit or lackluster appearance. When I pulled Harley-Davidson’s Miss Enthusiasts Triple-Vent Leather Jacket out of the box and fitted my lovely test pilot, we immediately knew something magical was happening.

Finally, a motorcycle jacket manufacturer who recognizes where and why we riders need ventilation. Three strategically placed zippered vents on each side of the body and a fourth on the back that can be adjusted individually in dozens of ways to customize comfort level and airflow. Finally, somebody had the brilliant idea to design and test a jacket’s venting in a wind tunnel. They wind tunnel tested it on all H-D motorcycles, including bikes with fairings and windshields. With riding comfort as the paramount design goal, they include two back-hip release zippers for an adjustable fit. This allows the riders a more relaxed fit while seated, one of the most critical components of comfortable motorcycling. 


Designed with pre-curved arms and their action back for motorcycling comfort and function, this midweight cowhide leather jacket is supple yet offers excellent protection. For additional safety, body armor pockets at the elbows, shoulders, and back are provided (body armor sold separately). The fit and fitment are of superb quality. Additional comfort adjustments include snap waist tabs. For added style, the black leather shell features contrasting cowhide leather stripes on the sleeves and yokes, and quilted stitching on the back waist and yokes.  


On the road, my attractive co-pilot appreciated the low-wasted jacket design, keeping unwanted wind at bay. As the day heated up the under-arm vents proved immediately effective. Unzipping the side vents in tandem with the back vent created a definite breeze that she truly appreciated, especially as a passenger. It consumed the air being deflected from the windshield and the fairing. Sitting behind the driver blocks airflow dramatically, and this is where Harley-Davidsons wind tunnel testing really shined. The vertical zip interior pocket accommodated her cell phone and the two front pockets for her gloves. Stylistically, she loved the look of this jacket: classy yet tough, while the embroidered leather patches on the right sleeve and left chest are not overstated. The bold embroidered graphics on the left sleeve and bar and shield on the back however, demand respect.

Style: Nailed-it

Comfort Factor: Nailed-it

Quality& Fit: Nailed-it


I am now fully jealous, I guess I better get my hands on a Men’s Triple Vent Jacket. And ok, I’ll whine about something. There is no zip-out liner…but quite honestly, I have a box full of those that I’ve never used once.

Available in XS to 2XL, Plus, Tall and Petite sizes from $450.00.  Part of the Harley-Davidson Motor Clothes Collection (P/N 98134-17VW). Body armor sold separately.






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