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“I’m a cowboy, on this steel horse I ride”

By Buckshot


“I’m a cowboy, on this steel horse I ride”… So says the song. If you’re tired of your chrome horse lookin’ the same as all the others at the hitch rail out in front of the local saloon, check these cool and useful critters out!

These AMERICAN MADE heel guard spurs will keep the melted shoe rubber off your exhaust pipes, and protect those expensive Tony Lamas from burn marks. They’ll also stop your feet from slidin’ off when you’re ridin’ that big inch motor that shakes your teeth loose. They’re made right here in California, not over in Taiwan, so you get American crafted quality in every pair, and the show quality chrome is done by the same folks who do the show chrome for a lot of the motorcycle industry’s top builders. Yes, sir-ee, there’s NO skimpin’ here!


They not only come in show quality chrome, but you can get them in a wide variety of powder coated colors as well. If you want ‘em a little fancier, you can get ‘em hand engraved, and even flamed! You can also get chrome or engraved footboard skirts to go with ‘em. All engraving is meticulously done by hand, so no two will ever be exactly alike! You can get different styles of rowels and “Jingle Bobs” to dress ‘em up like you want ‘em. If you want your steel steed to stand out in any herd, get a pair of these!


Also available are some cool little stainless steel spur bottle openers that’ll be one of those “where did you get that?” conversation starters wherever you go! 


Footboard heel guard spurs