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By Buck Lovell               Photos by Lovell Photography

If you have installed a lowering kit on your Harley-Davidson FLH motorcycle for improved ride height, and seating position, it has probably become apparent that the stock kick stand or side stand does not account for this change. You need not modify that stock component, simply replace it with one of Pingel's “lowered” kickstands designed for just such situations. Two kickstand models for lowered Harley-Davidson FLH motorcycles are available from Pingel. One model for 1” lowered bikes and one model for 2” lowered bikes.   These kickstands are handcrafted from steel in the USA, tig welded and then hand polished to accept smooth, show-quality chrome plating.  The large thick ground pad keeps a motorcycle upright even when parked on grassy or dirt surfaces. Pingel’s lowered kick stands mount directly on the stock mounting bracket and utilizes the stock return spring. Both models have a full-surface boot/foot deployment tab for easy, convenient access with either stock or oversized primary covers. Pingel also sells a replacement kick stand for stock height motorcycles which provides a less steep lean angle, which profoundly reduces the effort required to lift a motorcycle off the kickstand. Rear suspension lowering kits are available from Pingel Enterprise to keep your motorcycle level after front fork lowering. For all further information, please contact Pingel Enterprise Inc. at 608-339-7999 or on the web a www.pingelonline.com



This motorcycle has been lowered two full inches, and is shown with the stock kickstand installed. Its lean angle is almost safe on dead flat surfaces, but not so safe on even slightly angled pavement. The fork cannot be turned fully to the right without coming close to tipping the bike over. The stock kick stand will be replaced with the Pingel kick stand for two inch lowered machines.


Loosen and remove the hardware holding the stock kickstand in its pivot bracket.

Swing the kick leg forward and remove the spring, then drop the stock kick stand out of the pivot bracket. If the spring is excessively stretched or bent replace it.

With the stock kick stand removed, inspect the pivot bracket for cracks or other damage. Wipe the old anti seize from the inside surfaces and apply some fresh anti-seize.

With the Pingel "lowered" kick stand leg installed up into the bracket and swung all the way forward, attach the kick stand spring into the two mounting holes one on the stand the other on the bracket, then swing the kick stand to the rear.

Install the kick stand “tooth” on the Pingel ‘lowered” kick stand, then install the washer and tighten the bolt.


With the Pingel kickstand installed, this two inch lowered motorcycle, when parked, leans at a steeper/safer angle than with the stock kickstand, preventing an accidental tip-over.

Even with the fork turned all the way to the right the lowered motorcycle is in no danger of tipping over with the Pingel lowered kickstand installed.

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