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Mike Weston Wanted To Continue Riding With Dad.

by Mike Weston


So the story behind the sidecar is this: I was looking to purchase a sidecar to attach to my '64 Panhead so my aging father could ride with me on Sundays again and we can have quality father/son time.

Berry Wardlaw had a friend, who had a friend, who knew of a guy, who had a sidecar.

The gentleman said to me that he had a sidecar that had been refinished 40 years ago and he was looking to sell it. We talked for awhile, afterwards we struck a deal, and I purchased his sidecar. The sidecar was located in upstate New York at a motorcycle restoration shop, The 74 Shop.

As we were making arrangements to have the sidecar shipped to Texas the owner's wife mentioned he should tell me about them still having the motorcycle that the sidecar came off of, that started a whole new conversation.

After he sent me the pictures, I immediately fell in love with the '48 Panhead you see, the Springer was removed years ago for the '50 Hydraglide due to more stability with the Sidecar.

I then hired the owner shop Steve Barber to reattach the sidecar to the Panhead, so it would be a running driving unit that my Dad and I could enjoy.

The motorcycle was then shipped to Texas and has since been ridden like it should be, to shows, events, and for pure enjoyment and pleasure.

My Dad and I have spent quality Father and son time, which is irreplaceable and will forever be remembered. This motorcycle is so special just for that fact alone.

gal pal Andrea
gal pal Andrea


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