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Tuesday Edition

Passion Built at the Buffalo Chip

Michael Lichter’s Motorcycles as Art Exhibit

Rogue - Photos by Tim Grenstiner


An Event that anyone who goes to Sturgis should attend is the Motorcycles As Art Exhibit put on at the Buffalo Chip Event Center and is currently in its 10th year.

The event is FREE and was open to the public from 2-10 PM Saturday through Friday.

One of the builders telling about his motorcycle
One of the builders telling about his motorcycle

This year the show displayed the work of non-professional builders and artists. All of the professional quality motorcycles were built outside of a professional shop during the builder’s spare time. The are came from guys in the industry who are not artists.

Michael Lichter introducing a builder
Michael Lichter introducing a builder

Michael picks the builders and artists from a wide range of styles, backgrounds and day jobs. They vary in ages, and come from all over the country. Hell Bandit's son Frankie Ball, who is a tattoo artist was allowed to pieces in the Exhibit.

Nice Knucklehead
Nice Knucklehead

I did not get a list of who owned what motorcycle, so I will just post a couple of shots.

Custom Rear Axle Adjuster
Custom Rear Axle Adjuster

The People He Picked For 2018 Are:

Ben Jordan – Waxhaw, NC
Ben Zales - Burbank, CA
Brad Gregory – Glenwood, IA
Brad Richards & Ry Seidler – Milwaukee, WI / Detroit, MI
Bryan Lane - Waxhaw, NC
Bryan Stalcup - Arlington, TX

Oscar Salas & Carsten Fritzen - Beaufort, SC
Chris Callen – Tarentum, PA
Chris Graves – Milwaukee, WI
Chris Tope - Richardson, TX
Christian Newman - Buffalo, NY
Clinton Wallace – Cleveland, TX

Interesting Lighting
Interesting Lighting

Dan Rogensvoog – Franksville, WI
Dave Polgreen – Santa Ana, CA
Eric Stein – Monroe, NC
Gilby Clarke – Sherman Oaks, CA
Jack Deagazio – East Syracuse, NY
Jeff Holt – Orange County, CA

Johnny Humphrey – Terre Hill, PA
John Barwood – Payson, AZ
Justin McNeely – Jackson, MO
Kevin “Teach” Bass - Prior Lake, MN
Mark Shell - Idaho Falls, ID
Marty Davis - Pensacola, FL

Nick Pensabene – Edgewater, FL
Peter Ballard - Barrington, NH
Randall Noldge – Saint Louis, MO
Rick Pew – Fort Lupton, CO
Skeeter Todd – Maryland, NY
Stacy McCleary – Manteca, CA

Steven Bates – Saginaw, TX
Tim Dixon – Ten Mile, TN
Tim Scates - Waller, TX
Ulf Musekamp - Munich, GERMANY
Walker Pew - Frederick, CO
Wayne Burgess – Fenwick, Ontario, CANADA
Wil Thomas – Los Feliz, CA
Xavier Muriel - Round Rock, TX

Willie G Davidson signing the painting of himself
Willie G Davidson signing the painting of himself

Besides seeing the great motorcycles there is art work throughout the hall

 Artwork on the walls

Artist Are:

Aaron Kruger - Denver, CO 
Ana Vivian - New York, NY 
Anthony Phillip Festa - NY 
Billy Spacey Lyons - Meridian, MS 
Chris Callen - Tarentum, NY 
Christopher Galley - Buffalo, NY 
Dan Venditto - Ephrata, PA 
Frank Ball-Los Angeles, CA 
Genevieve Mariani - Pasadena, CA 
Grail Ogzewalla - Staunton, VA 
Jimmy Frizell - Sussex, NJ 
Ken Carvajal - Lombard, IL 
Ray Drea - Whitefish Bay, WI 
Steve Cabalellero - Carlsbad, CA 
Tyler Nottingham - China Grove, NC 

Many will recognize Michael Lichter from his work as a photographer at Easyriders beginning in 1979 and he is still there. He also contributes to other major publications around the world, has numerous books and art in galleries and museums around the world.

His website is www.lichterphoto.com


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