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Animal lovers (yes, there are those of us who do love the two and four legged varieties) get hit really hard right in the left ventricle, when an animal we love and have been attached to, crosses over the Rainbow Bridge.

Fast Eddie had become a veteran of this type of pain, having lost both of his dogs in a relatively short time 6 years ago. He had them both for 14 years and had to put them down 4 months apart. In Fast Eddie’s words, “It sent me into a depression," as his dogs meant the world to him. After a visit to his doctor, he was given a prescription to fill, and a prescription for a Service Dog. Then the quest began to fill his “canine prescription” to combat the depression set in from this loss. It was thru a neighbor he found a 6-week-old Jack Russel/Yorki Poo Mix. Enter Jaxon.

Now Jaxon wasn’t just an ordinary dog. Jaxon was housebroken at 8 weeks old, and started riding a motorcycle about the same time. Fast Eddie says Jaxon wasn’t scared when he first started up his motorcycle and took to riding right quick.

They had 5 kick-ass years of saddle tramping around the country: rolling out to Sturgis, Big Mountain Run, Choppertown, Daytona, New York, and just about anywhere the wind took them.

Oh, what a team! Anywhere Jaxon was, Fast Eddie was tagging close behind! Pretty much Bikerdom’s Dynamic Duo!

Jaxon always shared his pass to events with Fast Eddie, making sure he didn’t have to wait outside! Jaxon was definitely the “star” wherever he went!

Jaxon started taking 30-50 mile trips and rested on his favorite pillow on the gas tank. He ended up falling asleep on the way home every time. Jaxon loved the shit outta the motorcycle, and riding, much like Fast Eddie. Jaxon rode on the tank for a trip to Southern California.

He was hardly ever on a leash, and would always stay on, or under the barstool or table, unless he wandered off to greet someone he knew.

Jaxon was bold and brave, and loved the big rallies like Sturgis.  "He was known as a 'Tepee Creeper,'"said Ed, "and would sometimes leave their tent early and go around and check up on everyone in their tents to make sure they were all ok."  

Jaxon also helped Fast Eddie make Wayne County, Tennessee, allow service dogs in county buildings. Seems he received a ticket for not having a DOT helmet on from a Wayne Co. cop. Fast Eddie decided to fight the charge, and took Jaxon with him to court. The Bailiff told him that he couldn’t bring Jaxon into court, and would not accept him as a service dog, since he, “wasn’t a seeing eye dog." Fast Eddie had no choice but to take Jaxon back out to the truck, in the extreme heat of the day (and yes, the windows were all rolled down!). He ended up checking in on him every 15 minutes and bringing him water.

When he got home, Fast Eddie filed a legal complaint that his service dog wasn’t allowed in court. After a year, every sheriff in Wayne County had to be educated and acquainted with “service animal status” and they ended up putting plaques all over county buildings noting the “change” in status. Seems people weren’t aware that having a prosthetic leg, does constitute a “handicapped status” (not just needing a seeing eye dog). Oh, the ignorance of some! An arbitrator worked with his lawyer, and after 3 months, Fast Eddie received a letter of apology from the county, and successfully sued Wayne County and Won!

One major Point for the “Service Animal”, 0 Points for The Law! Go Jaxon and Fast Eddie!

These two lived hard and fast for 5 years and had plans for many more to come. But sadly, in April, 2017, Jaxon was called over the Rainbow Bridge, and his sudden departure left Fast Eddie devastated once again. This time the depression hit even harder. His best, life saving medicine had been taken away, leaving him even more devastated than when he lost his two dogs years before.

Fast Eddie spoke about this time of year as already being difficult to go through, the time of year when Choppertown rolls around (April). He lost Dain, his friend (and roommate) 2 years ago, on their way to the event, and now Jaxon the same time of year!

He talked about how lonely and quiet the house was without Jaxon around, and how he couldn’t just sit around without Jaxon being with him. He ended up taking off on his bike and went for a ride. He picked up his mail and found a letter from Ali in West Virginia, along with a necklace with a picture of Jaxon on his bike. Brought tears to his eyes. He put the mail in the house, and took off for a ride, heading into Kentucky, but somehow, the “divine hand” pushed him toward Minnesota, and family, riding through 100 miles of rain, arriving at 1:00 a.m. in the morning. Not quite sure about why, but he had arrived.

In the end, this is where he got his prescription refilled! There was a reason for him traveling that route after all! He found an 8 lb, 6-month-old female Jack Russell puppy on craigslist and went to check her out. Seems the pup’s life was pretty much spent in a crate, so she wasn’t socialized or housebroken. He felt a connection with her – although not as quick or strong as with Jaxon, but he had to rescue her! So he snatched her up, and took her home! He was her third owner in 6 months.

Now, Fast Eddie has someone who gets him up at 6:30 a.m. (no more sleeping in!) and takes her for walks on her leash. He’s trying to get her housebroken, but feels that training her to ride will be easier than getting her socialized or housebroken.

He brought her back to Tennessee in a pet carrier bungeed on the back! She was a little stressed out, but she is learning to ride and starting to like it! He takes it easy and rides a few miles a day, building her up for the longer rides ahead.

Today, it is the pet store for a new harness. In a week, it will be heading out to the Big Mountain Run in West Virginia – but maybe going via bungeed crate, as she is still a little nervous riding. They missed Choppertown this year because the bike broke down on the way there – but hey, she’ll get there next year! This year she still has places to go, possibly Washington State in July and Sturgis in August. Hopefully the new lady in Fast Eddie’s life will bring him many miles of good luck. And Good Luck is wished to you both and much needed!

Fast Eddie has had a few years of major health issue following him home from events: Last year he ended up in a hospital in Macon, Georgia – developing Pneumonia on the way home from Daytona. Melissa, Chip’s wife, came down to Macon, from Reliance, Tennessee, and hauled Fast Eddie fast and furious back to Vanderbilt and the great medical care he receives in Nashville!

The year before he fell and hurt his leg – and was laid up for 2 months – surviving a pulmonary embolism (blood clot in the lung) - which could have had a dire outcome! Getting ready to head to Daytona this year he ended up in the hospital with a cholecystectomy (took out his Gall Bladder) and then ended up in rehab for therapy to gain his strength back. So Fast Eddie’s road has been littered with some speed-bumps, but he’s overcome every one, and has gotten back up to ride each and every time.

Definitely an inspiration to us all!

For now – Fast Eddie wishes he could have spent another 20 years with Jaxon, but he now rides instead, with the divine guidance of Jaxon, his friend Dain, and his other brothers and sisters gone before him. Oh, yeah, and his new pup-who he finally pinned a moniker on – well her name aptly suits her.

Welcome to: GYPSY!

Many safe and happy miles to you both, and thank you, Jaxon, for sharing those South Dakota miles last year.

The road goes on forever.

Jaxon Memorial on Facebook:

Summed up best by the Memorial Page creator – Rob Keller:

This group is for all to share their photos and stories about our buddy and Edward Rieken's side kick. Jaxon was a real rebel rouser! He was a hell raiser and true biker! He was the top dog and he knew it. He lived the life of a hundred dogs and he was blessed with more than most. He had the best friend a dog could have and got to travel with the wind in his face from coast to coast. His adventures were shared by many as he warmed our hearts with every visit. He wore his vest with pride! Jaxon was much much more so please share your stories and photo's. We'll miss you but we will never forget you!

Road Report from Fast Eddie: Ed advises that “Gypsy” has made great progress on the BMR adventure so far !

Guess she finally figured out how to train Fast Eddie!

Thank you to Rob Keller and Fast Eddie for allowing pictures from the Jaxon Memorial Page to be shared.


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