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Athena Ransom The Chopper Chickie Is Back

Rogue and Desiree


It is with great excitement to announce the re-opening of Vagabond Choppers.

Vagabond was a thriving custom build and full service center for American V-Twins located in Pompano Beach, Florida from 2004 until 2011. Athena - Chickie - Ransom and her sidekick (husband) Donnie Ransom tagged by Cycle Source Magazine as The Bonnie and Clyde of the South Florida motorcycle scene, created custom builds for customers, charities and corporations alike, as well, serviced the community with many of their motorcycle needs.

Due to an unfortunate motorcycle accident Chickie had to close the shop and begin physical rehab. Once recovered, she found herself needing to care for her father Chicago Phil throughout his battle with bone cancer. Her sidekick/husband Donnie stepped right up, got a 9-to-5 and allowed her the time to stay with her dad daily until the end.

With the continuous love and support from family and friends Chickie managed to rebuild her bike and her spirit throughout the journey. Recently taking her fresh rebuilt FLH for a nice long test ride, Chickie decided to forego the Daytona Bike Week festivities and sink her traveling cash into re-opening Vagabond Choppers.

And so Vagabond Chopper is once again! Chickie explained, "I could not fathom going through life without doing what I love and my dad would not be happy if I just gave up on my dream. So thanks to my wonderful husband, kids, family and friends, who helped me with their love and support I can once again spend my days working on and creating motorcycles amidst doing some crazy stuff to boot. I look forward to seeing all my friends in the industry and participating in the world I love so."

There you have it, proof that passion, drive and determination can get you through the hurdles of life. Chickie will once again be available for conferences, garage parties and other women's events in between her upcoming builds and shop work. What about Donnie you ask? Yes Donnie will be working on the lift RIGHT beside her, and holding down the fort when she is away at events.

Vagabond Chopper is located at 2641 N.E. 5th Avenue, Pompano Beach, Florida 33064. Open Tuesday through Friday 9a.m. -6p.m. and Saturday 10 a.m. -4p.m. (954) 465-8164. Find them on Facebook Vagabond Chopper and vagabondchopper.com will be up and running soon.

For media information please contact Desiree Froyd @ (954) 465-8164 or vagabondchopper@aol.com


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