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Tuesday Edition

Upgrading a 2011 Road Glide

With Klock Werks, Lindby and WindVest

By Bandit with photos from Frank Ball


The three Balls. That's Frank Ball Jr. on the left, Frank Ball, 'the Big One', and Gramps on the right.
The three Balls. That's Frank Ball Jr. on the left, Frank Ball, 'the Big One', and Gramps on the right.

My son has a 2011 Road Glide and we were contact by Klock Werks regarding their new Dyna Mat system and handlebar cell phone mounts. I contacted Frank since he’s owned a black Road Glide for three years, that he bought from Riverside Harley-Davidson.

Frank, who is a tattoo artist at AGAPE collective in Costa Mesa, agreed. His bike needed a handful of improvements. One of the first was a new windshield and he chose to go with WindVest.

“I really love my new WindVest Gun smoke grey 16-inch windshield, Frank said. “It gives my 2011 road glide a hip FXRT look with the 14-inch bars. I’m also very impressed with the protection it provides me from the high winds and bugs out on desert highways.”

Frank test rode it to Palm Springs out on the high desert highway where winds get up to 60 mph. Plenty of dust and rocks hit the road and vehicles at 80-plus mph. “This Wind Vest windshield cuts clean thru the wind on the fixed road glide fairing,” said Frank, “as I flew down the road easy doing 80 mph, no resistance at all.”

“Very cool, very affordable, I prefer the smooth vintage windshield compared to the flare windshields other company’s are making,” Frank added. “Windvest knows what the touring biker bagger community wants and needs that’s for sure!”

While we were at it, the team at Cycle Doctor in Costa Mesa, installed a Lindby Crash Bar. Frank went with the classic Original Lindby Crash Bar in gloss black.

“This Lindby Bar really compliments the look of my Road Glide,” Frank said. “Its low profile and the black powder coat matches the stock Harley paint job”

Jeff Gates, at Cycle Doctor, said the Lindby Bar was a breeze to install and will provide excellent protection for Frank’s engine and fairing. He highly recommends Lindby Products. They look cool and are quality made, with heavier, thicker-wall tubing for safety and function. According to Jeff, Harley Riders choose Lindby crash bars for baggers Road Kings and Softails.

This tech turned into a odd combination since Klock Werks are known for their replacement wind screens for baggers, but it’s Frank’s Glide, we had to let him make the choice.

Jeff Gates also installed the Klock Werks Dyna Mat sound control kit. “It works killer!” Frank said. The mat absorbs all the vibration in the fairing optimizing my speaker system beyond my expectations! The sounds are so good you would think I spent thousands on a whole new sound system.”

DynaMat Sound Control Kit for Road Glide

Harley owners have to contend with vibrations that result in distortion and lost audio from their sound systems at both high and low speeds. The Klock Werks Dynamat Sound Control Fairing Kit reduces those vibrations, giving you louder and clearer audio output from your speakers.

The kit will give you tighter bass response, more pronounced mid-range tone, and a clear improvement in your sound system.

All fairing kits are custom cut, resulting in no waste and no guesswork! There is no mystery behind how much product you will need, where you should put it and how much it will cost. These computer generated sheets of Dynamat Xtreme and Dynaliner eliminate calculations, templating and cutting. Installation is quick and easy! You simply open the package, peel, stick and you’re done!

He also slipped on the Klock Werks Nomad Cell Phone Mounting System.


Klock Werks Nomad Device Mount, powered by iOmounts, is the perfect universal mounting choice for powersports applications. With its flexible strap mount, the
Nomad is quick and easy to install on any bar that is .5-inch to 2 inches in diameter.

The Nomad utilizes a razor-thin iOadapt stainless steel disk that adheres to your device to connect to the magnetic core on the Nomad strap. The Klock Werks Nomad Device Mount can be utilized on almost every device including iPad, iPhone, and Android

Once the iOadapt is adhered to your device, you can easily detach from the Nomad and connect to other Klock Werks, powered by iOmounts, device mounts for your UTV, motorcycle, car, home, office, and more.

• Rare Earth Magnet creates extremely strong pull force

• Uses Razor-Thin Stainless Steel iOadapts Disc for unobstructed use

• Quick & easy flexible rubber strap installation

• Clean & Rugged Design • Secure & Convenient

• No device case needed • 360º of Rotational Capabilities

• Easy attachment/detachment of device • Works with most Smartphones

1. The Nomad will attach to any bar that is .5-inch to 2 inches in diameter.

2. Adapt your device by adhering a steel iOadapt. Use the included iOskin to avoid permanency.

3. Once the iOadapt is placed on your device, it is ready to be firmly attached.

It’s a simple, secure, universal system, and when you’re done riding, remove your device
and connect seamlessly to other Klock Werks powered by iOmounts products, including
device mounts for your quad, dirt bike, car, home, office and more!

Enjoy infinite rotational adjustment, sleek modern design, and it’s forward compatible. If you upgrade to a new phone or GPS, you don’t have to buy a new mounting system! Plus you can purchase additional iOadapt disks to use multiple devices on the same mount.

Klock Werks has designed easy to install, motorcycle model specific mounts that
incorporate the iOmounts system! You simply install the mount to your bike with
included hardware, attach the razor-thin iOadapt stainless steel adaptor to your device, and instantly connect to the powerful iOcore magnetic carrier.

No special case needed!

What a good combo with the nomad cell phone Mount! I was about to spend a huge chunk of money on a new stereo and sound system for my 2011 Road glide, but someone recommended I try out these affordable Klock Werks items and now my phone works as a perfect GPS and stereo and the sound control kit has made my stock speaker system sound amazing!

“I was very impressed how easy it was to install the Nomad cell phone mount as well as the strength of the magnet holding the phone to the mount,” said Frank. “I’m a 6-foot tall, 250-pound man, and it takes all my grip to detach the phone, no way it’s falling off from a bump in the road. As well as the convenient placement on the bars works great to play music on the road glide stereo. “

This simple and solid construction can withstand even the most rugged trail rides. No special device case needed! And once the iOadapt is adhered to your device, you can easily detach from the nomad™ and connect to other Klock Werks powered by iOmounts products, including device mounts for your motorcycle, car, home, office, and more!

“I highly recommend both of these Klock Werks products!” Frank added.

Here’s another alternative to the Nomad.

Adapt Center the steel iOadapt and adhere.
Install Kustom mounts available for most
models. Phone attaches with rotational capabilities.


Cycle Doctor
217 Avocado St. Unit 4
Costa Mesa, CA 92627
They do everything from Accessories, to engine rebuilds, to dyno tuning. 

Klock Werks


Lindby Customs




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