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7-inch Round LED Headlight Fits Harley & Many Other Brands

Text and photos by Rogue


There are many parts that are used on motorcycles that fit and or are used on other vehicles. Most of us have been buying them from motorcycle and automotive parts store for years. Lights are very high on that list.

I do ride a lot at night and many times in areas without street lighting so getting more light on the road and giving me seeing power is important to me. I have in the past tried higher output H4 bulbs but the increased power to run them left something to be desired. I had decided to look for a LED headlight after seeing some and talking to people who had them. While shopping I came across Truck-Light. I liked what I read about their product.

They said their 27270C LED Headlamp utilizes a completely new light delivery method, adopting parabolic reflector technology to create a smooth, even light output. The use of metalized reflector optics provides a clean and homogenous spread of light, more uniform that other optics, without any targeted or focused beams or projector-type color artifacts.

Basically what all that means is increased visibility to the rider, while minimizing glare to oncoming traffic. The lamp provides better and whiter light than the halogen by using a solid state, bulb-free system in a military-grade, die-cast aluminum housing combined with a non-yellowing polycarbonate lens and a scratch-resistant hard coating to protect against damage from impact, roadside debris and other hazards.

The 27270C bulb is a drop in replacement for #6014, 6015, 6016, H6024 and Par 56 lamp systems using standard H4 3 blade connector. Because the LED lamp only draws 3.6 amps on high beam and 1.8 amps on low beam it is ideal for many motorcycle systems with low output alternators and or generators.

Using just a Phillips screwdriver on 4 screws I was able to change the bulb quickly. I started by covering the front fender just in case I dropped something. The headlight door ring is removed by removing the screw at the bottom and carefully pulling the bottom of the ring outward and then sliding upward to remove the spring from the slot at the top. There are three screws in the headlight retaining ring and should not be confused with the two adjusting screws, be careful when removing the ring and remove the headlight from the housing. Remove the wires from the bulb. Note: some of the newer motorcycles need to have the connector release pressed before it will come off the bulb. Install the new LED light by reversing the procedure. There is a top and bottom to the light and you will feel it fit into the mounting ring. Align the holes in the retaining ring with those in housing and install screws. Install the three screws and alternately tighten. Fit the square-shaped portion of the headlamp door spring into the slot at top of headlamp housing and then snap the chrome ring into place. Install screw at bottom.
I tried the light in the garage just to make sure it worked and liked what I saw. I had a hard time waiting for dark to try it out. I was very impressed when I did. It lit up the road very well on low beam and reached both sides of the road. When I switched to high beam I could see a lot further than with the previous bulb.

To find out more about Truck-Lite and get information where they are available in your area, hit the banner below.


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