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Tuesday Edition

Tropical Tattoo Old School Chopper Show 2018

Where the Cool People Meet--The hottest bike show during Daytona Beach Bike Week 2018



Drones don’t lie!

Tropical Tattoo in Ormond Beach was the hottest place to be during Daytona Beach Bike Week 2018!

Willie’s Old School Ride In Chopper Show has garnered a following like no other. 2018 was the best year yet!

Proof is in the pictures!
Tropical Tattoo supplied photo
Tropical Tattoo supplied photo

With all of the proceeds from the March 15th event being donated to the Veterans Home and ARNI Foundation, this year the Veterans made out like bandits (no pun intended!), as this was the largest Show in the history of the event!

Registration for the 20-class Ride in Bike Show topped the previous record of 126 motorcycles this year – and had 173 registered bikes - a new record! It definitely put a smile on Willie’s face…and relieved the annual pre-show worries that bikes were actually gonna register this year for the show!

Photographing the event entries this year proved tough! There were bikes crammed everywhere!!! They were tightly planted together in several rows of chrome, Iron and leather! You couldn’t even try to attempt to walk between them – so this year we shot less group bike pictures, but there’s more pictures of show winners, the guests, sponsors, and entrants having a grand ol time!

Keith “Bandit” Ball of Bikernet fame graced us at the “Shed Sitter” table, along with his Bikernet Bagger Editor, Rogue! East Coast meets West Coast with alotta years of history in between those two!

Bandit & Rogue
Bandit & Rogue

It’s always good to catch up with Billy Grotto of Twisted Tea! His team of Twisted ladies were keeping the masses’ thirst quenched with samples of Twisted Tea out in the back yard!

Roadside Marty, the world famous MC, knows how to keep ya in stitches (or tit shots) with his wisecrackin’ commentary during the event’s award ceremony! He can peel the clothes off of many chicks in the crowd and always tells ya when to get your camera ready to capture those magical moments!

Roadside and Willie
Roadside and Willie

Out back, Big Rick and the Trouble Makers were jamming under the awning and keeping the crowds rockin on their feet! New York Rockabilly Rockets performed too, with their unique Rockabilly sound! The band even spotted a member or two of the Razorbacks flyin under the radar at the event!

First time show vendors Bikers for Trump 2020 with Chris Cox were on hand updating the interested bikers about the development of the Political Action Committee – https://www.bikersfortrumppac.com/

Chris Cox - Bikers For Trump
Chris Cox - Bikers For Trump

Bikers For Trump Booth
Bikers For Trump Booth

People, People, and more People were packed into the small amount of space not taken up by motorcycles and vendors. They even had vendor overflow into the lot next door! Bar-B-Q out back was provided by Dustin’s B-B-Q. Lotsa adult beverages were available everywhere, quenching anyone’s thirst with water, soda, Twisted Tea, beer and even good ol Jack Daniels!


The sea of vendors dotted the perimeter of the property! The party atmosphere and a good old fashion get together makes this show, always an enjoyable time. It’s a reunion for many people who meet here every year and catch up. Seen mingling in the crowd this year were Dave Perewitz, Iron Horse Saloon owner Bill Stevens, Bill Dodge/Bling Cycles, Moonshiners, and more!

Event Sponsors include: Bikernet, Blings Cycles, Bikers Choice, Cycle Source, David Perewitz, Speed King Racing, B&D Customs, Led Sled, Self Made Customs, Boomers Bike Shop, Billet Proof, Bare Bones, Mo’s Image Customs, Luck Loser, Lowbrow Customs, Anvil Customs, Ok Customs, Black Water Guns and Rider Now Magazine.

Winners of the 2018 Willie’s Tropical Tattoo Chopper Time Show:
Class--- #Winner
Perewitz Paint---28 The Shop
Autumn’s Choice---79 Monty Meier
Antique---58 Joe Lloyd
Best Flat Head
Best Flat Head

Flathead---104 George Casale
Best Knuckle Head
Best Knuckle Head

Knucklehead--140 Mike Griffith
Panhead---41 Mitch Bodine
FLH Shovel---54 Ken Weber
EVO---77 Shawn Ponter
Twin Cam---76 Doodah
Sportster---82 Tino Periut
Creative Custom---131 Kyle Ray Rice
Triumph Stock---112 Tony Banks
British Custom---2 Ron Zuk
Shovel---33 Brian Buttera
Willie’s Choice---101 Raz
Willie's Choice
Willie's Choice

Willie’s Choice---75 Zach Williams
Roadside’s Choice---113 Garrett Maddalone
Cycle Source Choice
Cycle Source Choice

Cycle Source Award---141 Jeff “Gilley” Gilles
Rat Bike---81 Hatch
Jap Custom
Jap Custom

Jap Custom---43 Mace McMillan
Bobber Classic---142 Christina
S&S Custom---124 Chaos Cycle
Tropical Tattoo Choice---47 Peter Woerner
Matt Adkins
Matt Adkins

Blings Cycle Award---34 Matt Adkins
Trailer Trash Choppers Choice---127 Anthony Conforti
SpeedKings Choice---100 Matt Sterling
FTW Choice---55 Johnny Humphrey
Veteran’s Support Fund Choice---14 Don Wood
B&D Customs Choice Award---143 Kevin Gomez
Reverand Al’s Award---62 Joe Miller
Moe’s Image Customs---93 Michael Allen

This show is the one reason I make the annual pilgrimage to Bike Week. See you next year, 2019 for an even bigger Bike Week event! It’s growin like a weed!
As Edgar Winter said: “We all had a real good time!”

Oh yeah…don’t forget the Willie’s Choopertime Bike Show at Biketoberfest 2018!
Thursday, October 18th, 2018
825 S. Yonge Street,
Ormond Beach, Florida

Cya there!


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