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Tuesday Edition

Toys and New Technology


A Midnight Riders Must Have

Von Frost
She said Mega, because she knew the massive Thursday News was kicking my ass. We have new products for you, deals, legislative updates, Safety studies, you name it. We even pepper the news with bad jokes, cute girls, and vintage motorcycles. What more could you want?
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Rockin the Beats: UNiQ Cycle Sounds

Add-on Sound Systems

Gary Koz Mraz
  Founded in 2005, this Colorado-based company designs motorcycle speaker systems and a full line of motorcycle audio accessories for all motorcycle makes and models. Designed to accommodate most Harley’s, Victory and metrics, I of course will break new ground and put a set on a Triumph Rocket III touring bike.  &nb...
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Truth about Bluetooth: iMC Camos

Helmet communications and great stereo sound

  Sometimes I want to listen to music when I ride and it world be cool to check GPS navigation or even make or take a call now and then.  Bluetooth technology allows motorcyclists to do just that wireless and hands free.  For me, the music was the most important issue and Bluetooth 2.0 allows quality stereo from any iPod, XM satellite or any audio player. iMC (Benchmark) ...
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