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Biketoberfest 2018 Rocked

Rogue and Dmac


Vintage, antique, classic, or just plain old!!! These words echoed through the stands, while the motorcycle engines combusted in the pits and on the banked ½ mile speedway as young and old watched the track become a hotbed of competition in the three classes of the day at the Sons of Speed 6, on Friday, October 19, 2018 at new Smyrna Speedway in Samsula, Florida.

Billy Lane’s venture into restoring 20th century board track racing into today’s motorcycle culture, has been gathering a large following as people observed the event in Sturgis, South Dakota and New Smyrna, Florida during the Bike Week rallies for the past few years. These featured races are aboard pre-1925 American V-Twin engine motorcycles and later 45s. 

Some 275 VIP Tickets, which were only available on-line, gave the holder early gate access (12 noon) and pit access, as well as a signed lanyard. The early access enabled the ticket-holder to watch practice races before the track opened up. The cost was a nominal $50.00. General Admission tickets were $20.00 in advance and $25.00 at the door. Gates opened at 2:00 p.m. and racing went on from 3-5:00 p.m.

“You had it girl! We knew it in the stands” (Nancy Walsh-Ventre- Jody Perewitz Facebook page)

Jody went from riding “Marjorie” a 1926 H-D across the US in the Motorcycle Cannonball to riding in circles on a 1917 Indian in New Smyrna/Samsula, Florida with a month’s time in between. Then, she took the race by mere inches in a photo finish with Ken Curtis placing second.

The “she” and winner of the Sons of Speed 2018 Biketoberfest Race was Jody Perewitz, one of three women to ever complete the Motorcycle Cannonball, holder of 17 Land Speed Records, and a World Record for being the first woman to ride an American V-Twin Motorcycle over 200 MPH. Jody is also known as the daughter of legendary custom painter and bike builder - Dave Perewitz, of Perewitz Cycle Fab in Halifax, Massachusetts. She was so elated over the win, but really wished her dad was there that day! He ended up not coming to Biketoberfest this year – and missed his baby girl kicking ass in a photo finish!

Jody quotes on her Facebook page: “What a day... I WON!! At the start of this race Curtis told me look there is a few bikes that are way faster than your lil indian but how you can win is out ride them in the corners. So I did exactly that. One guy was slightly ahead of me. He definitely had a faster bike but I thought I gotta get him in corners., so on turn 4 of last lap I passed him. We were side-by-side and I tucked as best I possibly could and started yelling in my helmet come on lil' Indian!! Sure enough it worked and we won by maybe 6 inches!!"

She goes on:

“Sons of Speed race... There was so much to that day more than just winning...
Last Friday I won that race because of my crush Guy... they pushed me to start and I got around turn 1 and a loud pop happened and something hit my leg, hard. I look down and valve cover (idk if thats exactly what its called??) blew off. I coasted around to edge of track and stalled. I was so mad and sad and upset because I knew this bike maybe had a chance and I was going to give it my all. I was literally in tears. Well, out of no where Guy comes running with the hot cover in his bare hand. Ha, of course he yells at me to knock it off he will get me back out there. He quickly gets it on as Jeremy aka JJ comes running with some tools to tighten it. Within seconds they are pushing me to start again so I could quickly catch the pack before they cross the starting line. All this happened within 3-4 mins. Guy immediately knew what happened and jumped into action. Saved by my Guy. I, as you know, went on to winning that race!! Talk about mixed emotions. I am extremely grateful to my guy who stands by me Guy (even tho he isn't smiling and seems like he hates it, I know he wouldn't miss it). Thank you Guy and JJ for coming to my rescue! “

From the winners' cirlce to the pits, pit crew member Steve Artz says, “ being in the pits working to keep these J models oiled, pressured, and just running in general is the most fun you can have with guys and girls who’s passion is as big as mine. When we worked so hard all day, some things were just falling apart, then some friends just magically helped get those things back together and we WIN THE RACE! Best reward ever! Special thanks go out to Stephenson for his knowledge, and to Freddie, Russ, Derick and Derick!”

Some other motorcycles had problems as well, natch. 

And most of all thanks to the wizard of Sons of Speed and Godspeed Racing – Billy Lane!
Your passion for the board track racers ignited the flames which now burn bright in the riders, pit crew and spectators.


Facebook Links:
Sons of Speed

Jody Perewitz

Berry Wardlaw of Accurate Engineering said he had engines in motorcycles that came in 1st and 3rd.

45 Final (45 cubic inch flathead racers)

1. e8 – Doug Young (Harley WR)
2. <3 – Ebay Jake
3. # – Todd Cochran

e7 Packer

S Bollwage
e907 Kichton


Stock 61 (61 cubic inch board track racers/slow)

1. s9 – Jody Perewitz - 1917 Indian Powerplus <4 – Ken Curtis
2. *6 Keefer

Shelley Rossmeyer-Pepe

Hot 61 (61 cubic inch board track racers/fast)
1. Todd Cochran (Harley Model J)
7 Cary Maynell
7 Young


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