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Tuesday Edition

Seeing Red for Metroplex Kustoms at the Dallas IMS Show

The bike is a showcase of the capabilities at Metroplex.

By Tyler Ludlow


There is no rest for the wicked for Crush Alvarado and the crew at Metroplex Kustoms. Since 2010, the shop has expanded four times, all under its own financial power. Crush’s daily driver, dubbed the “Mk Road King” carries the same fire as the shop it came from. After spotting it at the Ultimate Builder competition at the Progressive International Motorcycle Show tour (Dallas), Bikernet Baggers naturally had some questions.

“It has technically been years in the making. The big was red and black, stock, and we progressively added more red until we took it over with the custom color,” says Alvarado. That definitely shows some personal interest, but the bike is really a showcase of the capabilities at Metroplex. 

“We’re able to powdercoat specific facets of a component. I only know of one or two other shops that can do that.” 

Even the custom seats are done by Alvarado’s aunt, an upholsterer with a lifetime in the business. Tank, bars, and body work are all custom fabbed in shop. There is even some secret sauce.

“The front air ride is by Air FX, and I love their stuff. That was one of the biggest challenges of the bike, because it was new to the market. Most other companies were only making little modules to be installed, and didn’t create enough travel. These are full billet. I’ve studied these components from a bunch of different manufacturers over the years, and the rear suspension is a design of my own. It adds travel, and I would say it removes half of the turbulence over stock. It’s a smooooooth ride!” Alvarado beamed.

“The engine is where its at though. Stage Four, 103”, ported, flowed, the works. Even has nitrous. It’s been dyno’ed at about 150 horse… It’s too bad more show bikes aren’t made like that.”

Its easy to expect a big year for Metroplex Kustoms with a shop bike like that. Some people would be ordering new rubber every weekend, but Alvarado is all business about his shop.

“I drop my kids off at school everyday, one of my favorite things. I don’t take them on the bikes right now… but, yeah….. its hard to stay off that thing.”


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Reader Comments

All that is said in this article is true this bike is AMAZING! Crush is an awesome individual with great innovations at mind. He is so sincere and so committed to his work and ethics. He is loyal and true to the heart. Give him a challenge and he along with his team at MK will prevail. You will not be left disappointed. His love of God has allowed him to be successful. Such talent he's been given to them and to be related to Crush is nothing but an honor. Love you cousin!! God Bless you continously.

Melissa Alvarado
Arlington , texas
Wednesday, April 8, 2015
Editor Response Thanks for your insight, Melissa, we're definitely looking forward to seeing his next stuff.

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