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Tuesday Edition

Insane Asylum Motorsports

Scott Owen's take on the road less traveled.

Photos and Text by Tyler Ludlow



Here’s a story about a guy who saw an opportunity and took it. He listened to his gut, and didn't look back. Just like going on long ride, you can look at the doppler, the Google Map, and you can call you buddy to recommend a route, but YOU are the only person who decides to kick your stand up and head towards the storm.

Scott Owens worked with cars for 23 years. He was punching in at a body shop when he was 16 years old. One day he realized that motorcycles were the only things that could do it for him, and he left it in the past.

“I was talking to a buddy of mine about how there's so much more to do in motorcycles for body work. I had this visions in my head, but the only way I could really show them off is to build,” Owens reminisced.

“It was during the big O.C.C. phase with these knuckle heads in the 90’s. [The friend] said, ‘Just go out and get a bike. Just buy one and figure it out. That Road King was my first custom.”

Then something awesome happened.

“Car Warriors, Speed Channel. I was one of the All Stars on Season 1. It was fun. Doing that show took away all the things that are a pain in the ass. You don't have to deal with any opinions but your own, and had no budget. I had just closed the shop and was doing contract work, and that was a great time in my life.”

If you haven't seen these shows, check them out. It would be a blast to be a contestant.

“Since it was a 72 hour build, it was fun to see how much you can do. Did an entire body in three days of a Datsun, won car of the year for the season. It was really great timing.” 

After Speed Channel, Scott began building parts for Dirty Bird Customs. Afterward, he opened Insane Asylum Customs

“I learned a lot working with John. He bought my parts, and I was happy to make them. It was good.”

Owen’s isn't a dreamer though. If success is when opportunity meets preparation, Owen’s hasn’t missed a day of class yet. For a 2 year old shop, it’s exceptional.

“Right now my parts line is 1997-­2015. Nothing older. I don’t want to grow too quickly, because you can’t afford to cut corners in a business like this. It’s tough, but if you build a quality part you can last a long time. All my parts are made to ride, most of my guys are out every weekend for hundreds of miles.

I don’t want to be the jack of all trades and master of none, so right now, just Harley’s 97 and up... I like the style of baggers. I’ve done choppers, but I just never got into them. I want to do stuff for Indians and Victories but that isn’t even on the horizon yet. I have so much to catch up with in Harleys.”
Scott is happy to be a rising star in the bagger world. His work is something we can expect to see again, and his voice may haunt this Bikernet Bagger halls.

“I’m loving the lifestyle. I like going to the shows, like Ultimate Builder and Baddest Bagger. I love seeing the new stuff. It really makes me excited to get back and make new things.”

Keep Tabs on Scott and Insane Asylum Motorsports at www.insaneasylummotorsports.com and Facebook
 Below is the Tech Chart for the nasty green Honda. 
Bikernet.com Extreme Tech Chart

Regular Stuff

Owner: Danial Gomez

Bike Name:Green Machine

Builder:Scott Owens Insane Asylum Motorsports

City/state: Tempe, AZ 

Company Info:



Web site:insaneasylummotorsports.com

E­mail:  insaneasylummotorsports@gmail.com

Fabrication: Scott Owens 



Machining: N/A






Graphics or art: Gooby Gamal

Special effects:

Pinstriping:Goobly Gamal


Size: 21”

Brake calipers: Factory

Brake rotor(s): Factory

What’s Left

Seat:Insane Asylum Motorsports

Handlebars: RCI desings

Specialty items: Entire body was fabricated with fiberglass by 

Scott Owens at Insane Asylum Motorsports. 

Comments: One of the coolest things about the design of this bike 

is the ability to service it.  From the tank back the entire bike can 

be torn down to the frame in 15 minutes.  

Credits: Insane Asylum Motorsports complete fabrication, Gooby 

for the paint work.  House of Kolor, FBS tapes, Soft Sanders.


Reader Comments

Tell Scott that I'm sure a ride on one of his baggers is more exciting than a ride down the mountain slide in Winter Park, Colorado. Glad to see him doing well. He'll understand.

Kasia Stevens
Penrose, CO
Saturday, November 19, 2016
Editor Response Just spoke to Scotty on the phone. He's writing two books.

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