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Love Jugs to the Rescue! - Part One

By DMAC - with Photos By Rogue


Goin' thru the motions of getting Onxx ready for the annual pilgrimage to Sturgis has been a major pain in the ass this year. Lots of small things needing fixin' – antenna (inner fairing) not working = no radio. Cigarette lighter-power for GPS not working, new brake lines, rebuilding front master cylinder, exhaust rubbing on Primary cover, needs new skins, and the list goes on. As usual, I'm just trying to cover the bases for three weeks on the road coming up.

Then my memory triggers back to last year and what happened on the trip: light/brake switch quit, and I needed replacement in Rapid City. The shifter linkage knuckle was replaced in Kentucky, and let’s not forget about the, “OK, I’m too damn hot to start” episodes in Tennessee and Kentucky." 

Well, the ol' girl is like most older women, and getting bitchier with age. I can say this cuz I’ve had her from birth and we’ve had a good 11 years together so far, and definitely want to keep this going. Guess you could call it a case of “Scooterpause” – kind of like hot flashes that happen during menopause for women, but Scooterpause is only for motorcycles!

And Pause is exactly is what Onxx did – she wouldn’t start after sitting in construction traffic in Memphis. Sat thru the traffic (wasn’t really long enough to shut her down), and pulled into the gas station to top off and that’s where it happened. After getting a full tank of fuel – she would not start up!
Just did the old, “I’m too friggen hot to move so leave me alone!” trick and did just that. Threw her tantrum for a solid 30 minutes. She had a good exam trying to check and make sure what was causing this – and everything checked came out clear. So we wrote off this tantrum as due to the HEAT of Scooterpause.

She threw another tantrum on the way home after a good solid run down the interstate in

Kentucky where we pulled over to the side of the road for a pit stop. And lo and behold, she did it again –“I’m not going anywhere, I’m too friggen hot.” We faced another 30- minute case of Scooterpause again.
OK, I’m seeing a trend here. Now, gotta remember Onxx is a daily rider in Florida, so she’s used to the heat – especially in the summer. But last year was the first year she pulled this on a road trip – so it’s time to give the old girl some Love.

Enter Love Jugs. Rogue's Dirty Girl has been Onxx’s road partner in crime for a few years now. Dirty Girl is 2 years younger than Onxx, but their mileage is about the same – over 100K. So looking at Dirty, the main differences are an oil cooler and Love Jugs.
Well, it can’t hurt to try – so let’s check into the Love Jugs – since they claim “to be the most efficient and powerful V-Twin engine and oil cooler.” Rogue put Love Jugs on Dirty in June 2015 when she had 81,864 miles on her – and now she has 112,688 without any episodes of Scooterpause noted!

So after researching the brand, and reviewing the new data from the Amsoil Team, noting a 145 degree drop in Rear Head temperature, and 132 degree drop in Front Head Temperature, and 53.2 degree drop in Oil Filter temp, at idle and in slow riding conditions, I ordered a set of Flat Black Cool-Master Style Love Jugs, and a Vibration Master Kit, and installed them.
I know this data is very convincing, but being an educated consumer, I want to see this, in action, for myself.

The kit contained easy to understand “Installation Instructions” booklet to install it on Onxx using the existing Harley Horn Mount Bracket. It began by removing the seat, horn and gas tank.

We assembled the Love Jugs Vibration Master kit. After this, I started with the new Love Jugs stiffener bracket, Harley chrome horn mount bracket, Love Jugs and Horn cover (in that order) and finished up this portion of the assembly.
(Don’t forget the RED Loctite for use where noted in the instructions).

I bolted the above four pieces together with the new ¼ x 5/8-inch bolts supplied, making sure not to tighten up until the horn mounting bracket was aligned, with equal spacing of the horn between the fan enclosures. After we verified alignment, I tightened up the chrome acorn nut holding on the assembly.

The Horn wires were reconnected, inserting both the horn wire harness and the Love Jugs wire harness into the same holding clamp. The Love Jugs wire was then run into the wiring harness on the frame, and exited up thru the fairing where the wires joined the factory connector. This allowed me to use the auxiliary switch on the fairing to operate the system. Three zip ties helped secure the wires from the horn bracket to the wiring harness preventing potential friction and damage to the wires.

After a successful test ride – the Love Jugs were up and a runnin'! The first thing I noticed was no longer heat on my left leg. Onxx now has another option to be used during hot journeys, with the hope of keeping Scooterpause at bay!

Love Jugs has a 100% free from all defects in parts, materials, and workmanship One Year FREE Warranty (owner must register to be valid) included with purchase. They also have 2 extended warranty options available for purchase through Hammerhead Engineering LLC.


We wiill let you know how the Love Jugs and Onxx faired on the Badlands trip – look for Part 2 of this article in late August, 2017 here on Bikernetbaggers.com.

There are numerous Tech Articles and videos about installing Love Jugs and you can see one of the install on Dirty Girl at.




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Reader Comments

Please let me know how they work, with the heat we have here in AZ, that would help out a lot in keeping the motor cooler, and as you know, BEING COOL IS WHY WE RIDE, LOL

Robert L. Chester
Phoenix, AZ
Thursday, July 20, 2017
Editor Response I have one on my personal bike and you know it would not be on there if it did not work.
Dee's bike ran fine to Sturgis and back.
Great article, many thanks! I've been considering an alternative cooling system for my '15 RG CVO even though she's 'liquid cooled', you STILL feel the heat radiating off the engine, not just when 104 degree's, but mid 90's as well. Can't imagine the wear & tear of the internal components over just a few years, that extra heat can do. This article has just cleared the path on the next item for my ride! Again, thanks!

Meridian, ID
Thursday, July 20, 2017
Editor Response Worked great on Dee's bike during the ride to Sturgis and back

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