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Friday Edition


My Boardwalk Blue Period

Gary Koz Mraz


My Blue Period
My Blue Period

I consider myself an artist, writer, painter and composer. I spend serious time at these endeavors and inevitably the tools I use are critical to the projects outcome.  Similarly I spend serious saddletime motorcycling, again, the tools at my disposal also determine the journeys outcome.  The 2013 Victory Cross Country Tour is a favorite in my tour palette. Its heated grips and seats are a constant lifesaver, can get real cold real fast on the highway.  The hard lowers have convenient 1 gallon capacity storage compartments within easy reach. The left front compartment has an iPod cord that connects an iPod/MP3 player with the bike’s integrated audio system, and a 12V accessory power outlet.  The Victory Comfort Control System offers upper air controls that let me control the volume and direction of airflow to my upper body.  Mounted at the base of the fairing, these controls pivot to provide or block airflow. The lower air controls open and close the front of the hard lowers letting me control the volume of airflow to my legs. Opened, they blast cooling air, closed, block air and rain to keeping me warm and dry. VCCS fulfills its function famously. Allowing complete protection during inclement weather or offering full on ventilation on warmer days. All easily accessed while riding, Plus, the lowers are mounted on tubular highway bars that provide a low-speed tip-over protection.   


The CCT has an impressive sounding stereo system with AM/FM and Weather band radio standard, as is the iPod cord in the left hard lower; satellite radio is available as an accessory. I can honestly confirm it’s clearly audible at freeway speeds.  Instrumentation includes an analog speedometer and tachometer, fuel gauge, odometer, indicator lights, temperature gauge, clock and trip computer functions. All controls are all also easily accessible, intuitive and Cruise control is standard.

Hell, I have a heated coffee cup plugged into the accessory on the faring. The CCT also features a taller windscreen and very effective for both rider and passenger. Cockpit turbulence is greatly reduced because of it vented design eliminating the negative pressure normally associated with non-vented windscreens.  It’s height without a doubt reduces cockpit wind turbulence dramatically.

Finally, the riding ergonomics are awesome. I am a six-footer and the long floorboards let me adjust feet and legs to stay relaxed on long runs. The toe-only shifter keeps the rear of the left floorboard open for foot movement; an accessory bolt-on heel shifter is available.


Now let’s talk about her.  You know the old adage; if Mama’s not happy nobody’s happy. The plush passenger seat has it own heat control and the backrest is comfortably contoured plus Victory offers optional armrests (with cup holders). The passenger floorboards are height adjustable and did I mention 41.1 gallons of storage? The largest storage capacity of any touring bike and if she needs more, an optional luggage rack mounts on top of the tour pack.  The air adjustable ride allows for a smooth ride allowing 4.7 inches of real suspension travel. The CCT has a Gross vehicle Weight rating (GVWR) of 1360 lbs. Subtract its wet weight and it offers 492 lbs of load capacity, wow.  Rear tip-over protection is provided by strong, frame-mounted bars near the base of the saddlebags. Toss in rear passenger speakers and what more could you ask for? Well, I suppose a masseuse.


Let’s get back to me: A bike with ABS provides a level of confidence that allows me to better relax on extended rides.  If I need to lock it up on a rainy road my chances of going down are exponentially lower. The non-linked Antilock Braking System offers confidence-inspiring braking. Sensors on each wheel monitor wheel speed, slippage and wheel lock to slow the vehicle safely and keep the rider in control.

The 2-piece aluminum cast frame is a strong, two-piece, sand-cast, hollow aluminum frame that runs along the top of the bike like a spine. The engine is rigid-mounted to the frame, making it a stressed member of the chassis and providing superb torsional rigidity for true tracking through corners at speed.

The six-speed transmission features helical gears in all but fifth gear and the tooth counts and geometry have been switched up. The gear tooth count increased by nine at the crank and balancer, three at the compensator and four in the clutch. In fourth and sixth gears in particular, that infamous Victory gear whine of pre 2011 models has been reduced substantially and driveline lash has been reduced by 66 percent. A “neutral assist” feature makes it easier for the rider to shift into neutral when stopped.

Did we stop talking about me? The kicker on the CCT for me is that within five minutes, I can pop off the saddlebags with their easy access twist clip, unsnap the electrical harness, unbolt the tour pack and Voila! I now look even cooler cruising solo baby.   


For riders who churn out miles on week-long trips this is the long-distance touring bike that others will be chasing for years. Pack everything you need, take to the road, and relax for days. The 2013 Cross Country Tour provides riders with outstanding long riding comfort, wind and weather protection, and 41.1 gallons of storage - the most of any production motorcycle in the world. This bike has two large saddlebags that offer weatherproof storage and a roomy trunk, a smooth Freedom 106 engine, 6 speed tranny, 5.8 gallon tank and cruise control.


Notice the Bold New Victory Logo
Notice the Bold New Victory Logo

Owning a Victory motorcycle always meant riding modern design and technology. Whether you’re cruising city streets in search of urban art or the Alaska/Canada highway, the Victory CCT is street smart touring for both you, and your significant other.


• Freedom® 106/6 V-Twin: 106 ft.-lb. of torque

• SOHC 4-valve heads

• Hydraulically adjusted valves

• Self-adjusting cam chain tensioner

• Air- and oil-cooled engine for reliable cooling in all conditions

• 6-speed transmission with overdrive

• Carbon fiber-reinforced drive belt

• Cruise Control is standard

• 5.8-gallon/22.0-liter fuel capacity



• Gloss Black

• Boardwalk Blue

• Bronze Mist

The Cory Ness Cross Country Tour comes in Gold Digger Pearl W/ Ness Graphics


Pure Victory accessories for the Cross Country Tour include: Trunk Cargo Rack, Trunk Liner, Saddlebag Liners, Passenger Armrest Kit, pilot’s backrest, Tri-Oval Stage 1 Exhaust and more.

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