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Charging While Riding



It seems that you cannot go anywhere anymore without a cell phone and in many cases other electronic devices like a GPS.

These things run off batteries and need to be charged regularly and in some cases motorcycles and other vehicles do not have the ability to do that.

RIDE POWER to the rescue. They make a device that works on 12-volt to 48-volt vehicles. It's water resistant and safely charges these devices.

Installation is something most can easily do. Follow your vehicle instructions.

Battery Terminal Leads
Battery Terminal Leads

NOTE: If your motorcycle has a Harley Battery Tender installed you can skip this step. You're set.

I installed this unit on my 2009 Harley FLHTC. I started by removing the saddlebag, side cover, main fuse and the seat. Then I removed the battery ground cable (- usually black) followed by the hot cable (+ usually red). I then installed the fused wire harness supplied in the kit to the battery following the instructions that came with it.

Micro USB Connector
Micro USB Connector

The rest is simple plug and play. Connect the supplied cable to the power supply and plug into your phone or other device you want to charge.

I chose to put my phone in my accessory side pouch though you can run the cable anywhere you want. In some cases you may want to plastic wire tie it in place.

I like promoting small businesses and those run by veterans and Ride Power is both.

You can find out more about this product and purchase one by going to https://ridepower.net/


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