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Editor Wins A Product He Can Use All the Time



 Rogue, the magnificent Editor of Bikernet Baggers and a champion of Spectro Oil products.
Rogue, the magnificent Editor of Bikernet Baggers and a champion of Spectro Oil products.

 If you have read any of my tech articles in the past, you most likely know that I like Spectro Oil Products and do use them in my personal motorcycles.

I started using them around 2005 in my 2004 Harley FLHT until I sold it with just less than 100,000 miles on the speedometer.

I have used it in my 2009 Harley FLHTC since the first oil change and now currently have 110,065 miles on the motorcycle. I change the engine oil and filter every 5000 miles and use their 20W50 Golden Heavy Duty Motorcycle Semi Synthetic. They have plenty of other engine oils but I happened to try this one and liked it, so I stayed with it.

I change my transmission oil every 10,000 miles and use Spectro Heavy Duty Platinum 6 Speed Full Synthetic SAE 75W140. It runs quiet and shifts like new. Baker Transmission also recommends this oil for transmissions.

I change the primary when I do the transmission and occasionally when I am in there installing a product for testing. I use Spectro Heavy Duty Primary Chain Case Oil. Even though I have removed the automatic chain adjuster that came from the factory and installed a Baker unit, so I can manually adjust the chain, I have not had to adjust it between oil changes.

 I was on the Internet recently and saw that Spectro held a contest. Anyone could enter, so I did and told them how much I liked their products and how long I had been using them. Was I kissing ass?

Well, I WON and they sent me a care package with a bunch of their products. I used all of them in the past except the Suspension Cleaner, which I did get to use on my lady Dees bike when changing out her air cleaner and breather O-rings. And I will use the 101 Penetrating oil soon.

I have not used their Spectro rear chain oil since I sold my FXR, but I did like the Spectro and my grandson uses it, so it will go to good use.

I really like their Spectro motorcycle wash and polish; now who would think that an oil company made these products, but the stuff works great. I just returned from having a blast at Daytona Bike Week, so they will come in handy in the next couple of days.

As far as the fuel stabilizer since I live in Florida my motorcycle gets ridden all the time and I do not use a stabilizer, but the Spectro product works great in my portable generator I have for hurricane season.

You might want to try some of their products too. Check out their web site - http://spectro-oils.com/


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