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Tuesday Edition

Ridin With The Boys

Fun Times In Florida

By Rogue


My friend Big Mac wrote a book about some of his adventures riding over the past 50 years. I read and enjoyed it and I think you will too.

Being a friend and part of the motorcycle community on the Space Coast of Florida I am mentioned in the book and reading it brought back a lot of good memories.

It is about living life and motorcycles, and I feel others will enjoy it as I am sure that there are parts of it that will remind you about some of the things you and your friends have done.

Ridin’ With the Boys is a collection of 36 stories about riding in the Sunshine State and elsewhere. There is a special section in memory of Big AL Rayner with two stories commemorating his life as a friend and fellow rider. Come ride with Big Mac, Chris, Guy, Rogue, and the rest of the Space Coast bikers. Ride along as they travel the Sunshine State to promote ABATE, help organize Helmet protests, and visit friends who share their love of riding. Share in their trips to the Florida Keys, Sebastian for Bike Night, and experience through them the joy of riding and partying as they enjoy life from the saddle of their bikes.
Ridin’ With the Boys is available for $14.95 from Amazon.com, follow this link to purchase:
or e-mail Big Mac directly at:

As a motorcycle rider of over 50 years Mac has many miles under his wheels. Growing up in the Sunshine State allowed for year round riding. Starting off on a Vespa (see: What Have You Done to Your Mama) to his latest ride, a 2008 Street Bob, but his real love is his ’63 Panhead chopper. These bikes have given many hours of enjoyment as well as a whole bunch of ridin’ stories. Mac is a graduate of Barry University with Bachelor and Master Degrees, and has been an engineer for over 40 years. He resides in central Florida with his wife Judy and is still riding.


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