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Make the Job a Breeze with Special Tools



Rattling foot-shifters are common on 1985 and up, Harley-Davidson, rubber-mounted FLH motorcycles. It's all because the bushings in the inner primary cover supporting the shaft wear out.

Not only is the sound irritating, but it will eventually wear other parts. This condition is often a problem because the correct procedure for replacing the bushing includes removing the inner primary to install it.

Yes, I know some people will not take the primary cover off, drive the old bushings out and the new one in, from the outer side of the cover. The problem with this procedure is the inner bushing. It is usually damaged, while being installed, which requires it to be honed and or reamed, generally defeating the purpose of replacing it.

JIMS has a tool number 5518, which will now allow the bushings to be replaced without removing the inner primary.

The tool consists of a driver to remove the old bushings, two bushing installers and a screw to pull the new bushings into the primary cover to the correct depth.

For 1985 to 2000, the Harley Bushings are part number- 33713-85B and for the 2001 to present it is number 42462-00A.The difference in the bushings is that the early one uses grease and the 2001 up is oil impregnated and designed to be used without grease. If replacing the 1985 – 2000 bushings the grease fitting on the shaft housing is removed before removing and re-installing the bushings. The shaft is greased during installation and a grease gun is used. Pump until grease just starts to appear at edges of pivot shaft bore.
Having a Harley shop Manual is also helpful.

This install was handled on a 2009 FLHTC.
Start by removing the outer and inner shift levers.

Using the driver number 5518-1 and a hammer remove both bushings from the inner primary cover. When the inner bushing has come out of the cover, remove it from the tool and then continue driving out the second bushing.

Clean shifter bushing shaft bore before installing new bushings.

Apply fit lubrication to new bushings and install them on the bushing installers.

The inner installer is the one with the bolt threads in the center and the machined area for a wrench.

Lubricate and install the screw and washer through the outer installer with a new bushing in place, insert screw through the inner primary bore and into the inside installer.

Tighten the screw by hand until the new bushings are just starting into the inner primary bore.

While holding the inner installer nut with a 5/8-inch open end wrench, tighten the screw with a 3/16 Allen wrench until both the installers are bottomed out against inner primary and the bushings are flush.

Remove screw, washer and installers.

Install the shifter shaft and the inner lever to it. Re-install linkage.

Install the inner shift lever and check to make sure it is in the position most comfortable for you, followed by the outer lever making sure it does not come in contact with the floorboard when pushed down with your heel.

Check to make sure the transmission shifts properly before test riding the motorcycle.

Now that was a breeze. It sure helps when you have the correct tool from JIMS, the masters of special tools. This tool makes the replacement of the shifter bushings something that most people could do themselves. The price of the tool is way less than an hour labor at any Harley shop I know of. And you would have the tool for future use on your or a friends motorcycle.


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