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President Trump's 2017 Inauguration - Bikers for Trump

It ain't about the numbers, it's about who shows up!



Not knowing what was on the road ahead, but needing to be a part of history for something I am 120% in favor of, I conjure up the plan to attend the inauguration of President Donald J Trump. Running this by my old man, Rogue, we set the gears in motion. Of course, as usual, plans changed again and again - some beyond our control (like Dirty Girl's rear tire issue), but we eventually figure out a way. We sure-as-hell would get to DC for the event, even truckin' it.

Trump's Inauguration, a once in a lifetime event, and the opportunity to see the one candidate for President that I(we) actually supported 120% thru his whole campaign was gonna happen, come hell or high water.

I can't explain the electricity, unification, and feelings of patriotism that Trump created during his campaign rallies- like the ones in Tampa I attended - but it really brought back that strong, proud,feeling of Americanism we used to have in the '60s and '70s.

It's something missing in this country for at least 16+ years. Hell, I've never waited in line longer than 30 minutes to vote in past years, but for election day, November 2016, I waited over 2 hours, and didn't mind one bit. It was great seeing young, middle aged, and old exercising their privilege to vote. Made ya proud to be an American. That and I've been a Trump fan for years going back to my Jersey days, and his attempted rejuvenation of Atlantic City. This is THE ONE person who CAN and WILL succeed in Making America Great Again.

After some searching on the web for information on Washington, DC, I decided to return to Bikers for Trump 2016 Facebook page and see what information they had on the inauguration. I ended up speaking to Bernadette Marie, Northwest Florida Bikers for Trump admin, and she added me to their NW FL Bikers for Trump Facebook Page and provided information on what they had planned for the event. They are selective in screening people wanting to join the group to thwart protesters, etc and will add you if you are a biker and make the request. They eventually closed the group for the event, and you could find periodic updates on the FB page as to when/where some events were being held in DC. As of now, the page is public again.

Noted on the NW FL BFT FB Page, was a group riding to Pensacola, FL from California to meet up and join the journey across I-10 and north up 95 - leaving out January 15 from Pensacola Harley-Davidson, picking up Bikers for Trump NW Florida President RC "Casper" Pittman, His lady, Bernadette Marie, among others.
The group headed to Jacksonville, FL to pick up more riders, then onto Fayetteville, NC and finally landed in Dumfries, VA, same place we chose to stay, after heading north, to cold and rainy Washington DC, from Florida. Due to time constraints, we made it into Dumfries, VA, Wednesday night Jan 18th, after sacking out at Casa Anessi in Charleston, and a pit-stop at a South of the Border tradition.

Crashed at our hotel, we poured over the information and maps we accumulated and put together some sort of a plan for the coming two days of events. We found out that Washington was closed to traffic in the red areas on the map and the green areas had limited traffic access at certain times. This was gonna be fun! We headed out to the Metro station in Woodbridge to find out the train schedule and picked up passes for Friday.

Map courtesy of WashingtonPost. https://www.washingtonpost.com/graphics/local/2017-inauguration-map/

January 19th, Thursday, the Bikers For Trump were holding a ride into Washington DC lead by Panzer, National President and his brothers from Defenders of Liberty MC www.defendersoflibertymc.us who did a bang-up job, since they are the area "locals", and had to work around the constant road closings to find a route. Panzer said that RC "Casper" Pittman told him, "I'll get everbody to Woodbridge and you get us all to DC."

The run began in the "AT HOME" retail store parking lot, Dale City/Woodbridge, VA with KSU at 12 noon.
RC "Casper" Pittman/NWFLBFT stated the main reason they did the ride Thursday, as a dry run, was to debunk stories about Chris Cox being a scam, and to show that Bikers for Trump prevailed in DC.

Clubs and organizations participating included: DOLMC, Bikers for Trump including Northwest Florida President RC "Casper" Pittman and his lady, Bernadette Marie, Christian Motorcyclists Association, Disabled American Veterans, HOG members, Patriot Guard Riders, and Independents, among others from as far away as California, Florida, and New York.

Showing support at the end of the pack was Rob Cortis from Michigan and his Unity Bridge, winding up a 20k mile trip around the country for Trump's campaign. http://www.wusa9.com/news/local/trump-unity-bridge-rolls-into-dc-causes-a-scene/387183665

The FinnJET Mobile- http://www.odditycentral.com/pics/finnjet-a-29-meter-long-junk-limousine-worth-1-million.html converted into the Trump Mobile by Pastor Marti and Jorma, from Apollo Beach, Florida - followed the bikers as they started to the I-95 on-ramp.

The ride followed I-95 north to Hwy 27 (Washington Blvd), to Hwy 110 (Jefferson Davis Hwy), past the Pentagon, past Arlington National Cemetery, across the Key Bridge into Georgetown, where some nutcase in a Black foreign made vehicle, decided she wasn't going to wait for the procession to pass, and just pulled out in line, bumping one of the CMA bikers who volunteered to as as roadblock, nearly knocking him and his motorcycle over! Good news is that he and the scoot are good as new!

After this, the posse headed back to Arlington National Cemetery, where the bikers convened to pay respects on the hallowed grounds. Panzer added that many of the Bikers for Trump riders never had the opportunity to visit the cemetery and expressed their desire to do so, many having family, friends, or acquaintances interred there.

A retired Army Veteran was on hand to thank all of the participants and made it a point to hug everyone as they passed by him in the intersection.

We were informed later that afternoon, in a private ceremony, President Trump laid a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown soldier, and figured out that's who was in the motorcade of black limos that blew by the entrance while we were outside.

That evening, Rogue and I dropped by his old friend, Dan Fitzmaurice, at Zippers Performance, for a guided tour of the shop. Rogue finally had a chance to see first hand, the operations that provided him many parts he has used over the years. Zippers Performance - highly recommended! We closed out the night with Dan and Staff at Timbuktu, and some of the biggest damn Maryland Crabcakes I've ever seen!
Check it out: https://www.zippersperformance.com/

Tom Doing Performance Heads

The scene Friday January 20th, 2017 in Washington DC and surround - was one that resembled rats in a maze, and I was there, in the middle of it all! Talk about a cluster fuck! Secret Service Agents, Police, State Troopers, and security guards from states near and far, some strategically positioned above the crowds, were everywhere.

Visitor Information guides wearing bright yellow reflective vests were standing on corners with maps to hand out and give directions to all of us thousands of people from all over the world who merged together to observe the Inauguration of President Donald J. Trump. We ended up taking the Metro into city, as it was impossible to get anywhere inside the red area -closed to vehicles-, and inside the green area was limited access for resident vehicles during specific times. Catching the 7:12 am train out of Woodbridge, VA, we landed smack dab in the thick of it all - Union Station by 8am. Watching the lines of people blocks long trying to get into areas to pass thru security for the inauguration gave you a bad feeling of what lay ahead trying to navigate thru the city.

We de-trained, and headed into the station and out onto the street. Our plan was to head over to watch the inauguration, then attend the Bikers for Trump Rally at John Marshall Park on Pennsylvania Avenue and from there, watch the Parade to see President Trump, or so we thought. After asking several times and multiple people including police, information guides, and any biker we came in contact with - it seemed no one knew directions to get to John Marshall Park. We walked through the city and figured out that without a ticket, you could enter into the Mall via 3rd street or 7th street entrances - so we headed off to the 7th street entrance.

Along the way, we met bikers from all over the US trying to locate John Marshall Park. Several of us decided to enter the blocks-long-line for 7th street, and wait it out....1 1/2 hours later, after listening to the mindless chanting of protesters, after having our cell phones, cameras, etc. searched, and went thru a metal detector and THEN get wanded, we were finally able to proceed into the fenced off area and head towards the mall to watch the inauguration, or so we thought. We would have to walk two blocks, make a left and we would be at Marshall park.

Nope, no such luck - there was an 8 ft high fence blocking off the one street we had to cross to get to the park - definitely felt like a trapped rat in a maze. According to security, we had to go back the way we came, walk down a few blocks, then go thru security again - to enter by the Park (which wasn't on the "tourist information" as an access site, and was "closed" (but a security guard who saw the frustration on our faces, called down and found out they were re-opening the site, so we would finally be able to gain access).
Along the way, we encountered several other frustrated bikers who were trying to navigate the security maze that the Obama administration had in place -remember, it ended at 12:00 noon that day. We located the Security Checkpoint at the John Marshall Plaza and stood in line waiting, and waiting , and waiting. Everyone in the crowd was trying to be on time for the inauguration, but we waited again, 1 1/2 hours in this line to get thru security, and listened to President Trump get sworn in via internet access on cell phones. Oh well, at least we tried to watch it live.
Finally, we saw the helicopter fly overhead carrying the former president and everyone gave the finger or number one salute! -it was his administration who set up security, hmmmm, no wonder they say attendance was down for Trumps's Inauguration - we were all still out on the streets waiting in line!

See the comparison pictures here: http://abcnews.go.com/Politics/2009-2017-comparing-trumps-obamas-inauguration-crowds/story?id=44927217

Once we finally were cleared by security, we walked right into John Marshall Park! Finally, we made it to the Bikers for Trump 58th Inauguration Halftime Rally, put together by Chris Cox/Bikers for Trump founder, who filed for the only PRO TRUMP Event Permit for a gathering of 5000 people - all of the other permits were filed by anti-Trump protestors. Initial plans were to have 500 motorcycles participate in the Inauguration parade, however that didn't happen because they weren't granted approval from the powers that be. You have to give Chris Cox credit - he made every attempt to put together this event, and those who attended enjoyed it, but I can't help to think of the other hundreds of bikers still trying to navigate their way around the city in total frustration due to security.

Instead, per Chris Cox, Donald Trump advised his staff to make sure Bikers for Trump had all the necessary resources to put on the Halftime Rally. The Rally was kicked off with the Pledge of Allegiance and event speakers Chris Cox, Bikers for Trump Founder ,

Ted Shpak, President, Rolling Thunder, Wis. 

Rep. Al Baldasaro -NH/retired Marine & Desert Storm Veteran

RC "Casper" Pittman, President, NW Florida Bikers for Trump, who did a badass rendition, in his deep bass voice, of the Star Spangled Banner accompanied by a kick ass guitar solo.

The Easyriders Bike Show 2017 Tour, in Charlotte NC, loaned The Fryed Brothers Band for Friday's half time celebration. http://fryedbrothersband.com/

They kicked ass as usual - and had the veterans in the audience using their signs washboard style to keep time. They even agreed to stay over for the extended Bikers for Trump Rally on Saturday during the much anticipated Women's Protest March. This Saturday Rally was a late addition to the BFT agenda - and we weren't able to attend. Had we known earlier, I would have made every attempt to stick around to see the bullshit that went on - as that protest march did not speak for this woman in any way, shape or form.

We spoke to several veterans and bikers in the crowd at the park. Many of them complained about trying to navigate around the city thru security - that was something we all had in common! I was surprised to see so many young college students attending , and I found out that many of them were working on school projects about the Woman's Protest March the next day. I agreed to be interviewed by two students who wanted to know my thoughts on the Protest, and I gave it straight to them with both barrels!

After hanging out and listening to the Fryed Brothers, we shifted up to the curb side of John Marshall Park to find a place to watch the Inaugural Parade. Being short is always a pain in the ass, but you can usually find a gap somewhere to view! Today - no such luck, as there were people six deep by the curb.

We decided to stay thru the beginning of the parade and see the new President, or at best his limo as it drove by.

Since it rained off and on all day, and we were tired from walking all over the city, we decided to head back to the Train Station, but not before stopping by and picking up Rogue's pocket-knife from Dominique Veney Director of Security at the Hyatt Regency who agreed to secure it for Rogue. Seems old habits die hard, but you can't take knives into Arlington or thru the event security!!!
I know how special this knife is to him - he lost it a few months ago, and I found it when I gave the couch to my kids!! We decided to stop and catch up with Jack at the station before boarding - a much needed boost after the day in the city!..

Headed back to the hotel for some RnR, and then broke out the old dress up stuff, and headed out to the All - American Ball, honoring Americas Armed Forces and their military charities, held at the MGM National Harbor Resort & Casino, 101 MGM National Ave, National Harbor, MD 20745. This event was supposed to be co-sponsored by Bikers For Trump, so figuring that this is a once in a lifetime event - we got "Main Event" Tickets that cost $196.19 plus Tax.
As a biker, I am all for supporting the veterans, military, USO etc. But this event left a lot to be desired. We were directed to walk thru the hotel, and go past the "shoe" and up the escalator to the second floor upon arrival by the Casino Staff. When we were in line, the girls at the table saw the cameras and told us to go to the media table, but we had tickets, so we ended up going back to get in the same entry line (next to the VIP line).
After showing our tickets, they gave us Black wristbands with silver writing, and directed us into the ballroom. Well, figured it was time for a Jack visit - so headed over to the bar, and lo and behold, no Jack - only Jim (which will not do!). Asked for a beer, and they only had three - Blue Moon, Yuengling Lager and Corona to choose from, as well as a few well liquors and wine. Grabbed a Corona and looked around for a seat.

While there were a lot of tables in the room, many with chairs tilted forward as to hold the seat, there were no OPEN seats. Asked a staff person to get two chairs, and they disappeared and never returned. Decided to check out the food stations, and they only offered Pasta and a bowl of lettuce - not quite the dinner we had in mind. So we had a few drinks and only found four bikers total in and out during the whole time - never saw anyone from BFT.
Since Rogue was getting hungrier, he wanted to head downstairs to get a steak - definitely an improvement over the low-budget fare on the stations. This was about 10:30 pm. Off we headed to the Steakhouse and then Casino, which was definitely worth the stop! It wasn't until six days later when talking to Bernadette Marie from NWFLBFT, that I found out there were two more ballrooms on the first floor hosting events and that is where most of the people ended up from BFT, including Chris Cox.
She even stated she visited that second floor ballroom and left when they didn't have Captain on the shelf. I will say the People at check in or the MGM Staff, never mentioned any other ballrooms to visit or let us know that other events were going on elsewhere - which after spending almost 200.00 for my ticket, and Rogue, on a fixed income spent 200.00 for his as well, left us both saying that the event sucked. Had we known more was going on down below us - we definitely would have had a much better time!

Check out the video Bernadette Marie sent over - it looks like they all had a real good time. They had an artist who painted a portrait of Donald Trump upside down, and it was auctioned off, bringing in $3,000.00 for the veterans. Great for them! And at least the monies raised from the Ball benefitted the Military - making it a little more bearable on our end.

Check out the party on the First Floor! https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10210975051708182&id=1110662674

We left back to the hotel later that night, in the black, from the Casino! Not a bad ending to a long and frustrating day. If I had to do it over again, I would, in a heartbeat, especially now that I know that Jack was hiding out in the first floor ballroom. Missing the inauguration due to security issues was the biggest frustration, but I was still there! Not one to frequent balls on a regular basis, now we all know what to expect, if the occasion should ever rise again (like when Trump does his second term!).

We headed out Saturday morning, and stopped back to Casa Anessi in Charleston, and hung out with Dan and Jaden for the night (many thanx for the crash!) and then headed south on Sunday, back home just in time for tornadoes blowing thru the state!

Six days after the event, I had the pleasure of speaking at length, with RC "Casper" Pittman, President of North West Florida Bikers for Trump. Casper gave a great in-depth history on how this all came to be and how he originally started a support chapter in the Panhandle area in October, 2015. He joined up with Chris Cox in September 2015, and Chris sent him 100 T-shirts with the Bikers for Trump Logo to distribute to area bikers. Officially he formed North West Florida Bikers for Trump the day after the Republican National Convention. Chris Cox is in charge of Bikers for Trump, Casper is President of NW Florida Bikers for Trump, and his lady Bernadette Marie, is admin and handles all the social media since Casper admits defeat when it comes to Computers! 

Now, that the election is over, the organization still prospers. Chris Cox, while not a veteran, is actively working with other veteran organizations on legislation for veterans, VA insurance, Bikers, and taking Bikers for Trump beyond Washington DC, and into the local communities where supporters reside and are willing to help out. Take for instance the NW FL chapter of BFT - who rallied up bikers in the area to collect personal goods, dog and cat food, etc for the people affected by the floods recently in Baton Rouge, LA.

They collected a tractor trailer load of supplies and were scheduled to arrive at a Church to drop off supplies in Louisiana. Chris Cox flew in and rented a motorcycle to ride out and help with the delivery. Staged in Pensacola, FL, they got a call from the Church where they were supposed to deliver the goods and were told they no longer were taking goods, that the Red Cross only wanted monetary donations.
They left Pensacola anyway headed toward Louisiana. Chris Cox made some calls, and he received a call back from a black minister, saying that God sent them to "us". His church in Dunham Springs, LA was devastated by the floods. When they arrived, there was only one car in the parking lot. Everything in the church was destroyed, and all that was left as four walls. The minister, Bishop Dwight Pate, put a notice on Facebook, and before you know it, 100 cars were line up in the parking lot to accept the donations NW Florida BFT arrived with.

Since then, Casper and the Bishop have bonded, since both of them are ministers of the Lord. NW FLorida BFT is planning a benefit to help rebuild his church, as he is having problems with raising funds and permits to complete the job. Bishop Pate was the main speaker at Saturday's rally during the women's protest.

NW Florida BFT has also helped raise $8500.00 in funds to pay for funerals for local children killed in an accident. They supported a Breast Cancer Awareness Ride in Panama City Beach raising $22,000.00. Plans are to help out their local first responders, and work on the church mentioned above. All this while still standing staunchly behind Donald Trump.
Casper states that he is behind President Trump, and will remain there, as long as Trump continues to be a man of his word. He feels strongly about that. Raised in the deep south, he believes in honor and respect, regardless of skin color. He believes that if someone in the area needs help, then help it is we should provide. Casper speaks of keeping things positive in his life, and not focusing on the negative.

And recently there has been a lot of negativity about Bikers for Trump and Chris Cox from three major people. I have included links here so you can see for yourselves, how transparent these pseudo-wannabe organizations are:

Bikers 4 Trump: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hqgKvZGEmUw

Bill Williamson: https://www.facebook.com/TOPFUELBILL , was part of 2 million Bikers. 100% Radical per Casper.

Mark Connors: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JBqjyZ4bg-g a country singer who rode his Harley-Davidson from San Diego, CA, and was found selling fake Bikers for Trump Tshirts in the crowds - his logo is a little different than Bikers For Trump - don't buy it if you see an MC at the low end of the shield and the motorcycle is a chopper.

Casper even divulged a little bit of information on Chris Cox, and how he started the whole Bikers for Trump idea by selling off all of his worldly possessions -boat, trucks, car, boat, etc.- and use the money to start this organization and follow his beliefs.

The Palm Beach Post gives an up-to-date bio at the following site: http://www.palmbeachpost.com/news/national/meet-the-soft-spoken-chainsaw-artist-behind-bikers-for-trump/e4hcXhWuooEMOAmMSNcZWN/
 and the link for supporting Bikers for Trump go-fund-me: https://www.gofundme.com/2b3jgp3g

Overall, this was definitely a good experience, and I would do it again in a heartbeat. Anytime a first is done, there is always feedback that can be taken to heart, and you learn and grown from it. With publicity also comes people who try to knock you down or take advantage.
One thing about Chris Cox and Bikers for Trump is they have delivered. They encouraged a brotherhood among bikers that seems to have fallen by the wayside this day in age. They support veterans. They support President Trump. Chris obtained the permit, the ONLY PRO-Trump Permit, and held the rally. No one stood there and counted people as they walked in and out, but it was a good showing. People believed and people supported. Casper and Bernadette were the main vein keeping NW Florida Bikers for Trump alive, while supporting Chris Cox.

Their ideas and philosophies are good. They show true passion and back it up with actions and words. To echo Casper: "It ain't about the numbers, it's about who shows up!" Panzer, DOLMC, finishes with: "hopefully now, with a more patriotic President in place, we can all have more prosperous lives."
We shall see what the next four years hold!
Link to Bikers for Trump patch: https://neddle-art.myshopify.com/products/bikers-for-trump


Reader Comments

Thank you so much for posting! Lame-stream media and FB blocked most of the personal posts, and I could not find any personal photos or videos before, featuring and post inauguration! Thank you to all my fellow bikers for representing us well! Love the article! Thank you!

Sherrie St James
Lutz, FL
Friday, February 3, 2017
Editor Response Sherrie,
Thank you for submitting the comment on the Bikers for Trump article - It definitely was a once in a lifetimer, and I was glad to share the firsthand experience.

Much appreciated!


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