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Tuesday Edition

President Trump Drops Into Tampa

And Dickhead Dave gets a Thank you and a Thumbs up from the President!

by Dmac



 July 31st, 2018 was just another rainy Florida day. But a ray of sunshine found its way into Tampa Bay. That ray turned out to be President Trump visiting Tampa, Florida and drew a large crowd at the Florid State Fairgrounds- Expo Hall. This Rally was after his visit earlier that day, to Tampa Bay Technical High School, where he met with staff and students at a round table discussion on technical education and potential careers that come from it. Chalk one up for the President and his interest in Tampa Students and Vo-Tech education.


 That evening, President Trump and his entourage, consisting of his son, Erik, event speaker and daughter-in -law Lara, Ivanka, Jared and the rest, were warmly welcomed by the RED TIDE of TAMPA BAY (and not the one going on in the Gulf of Mexico, as we speak). The Expo Hall was filled with ardent Trump supporters ranging in age from still in the uterus to 80 plus years young, who stood in line for hours in the rain – waiting for a chance to cheer on the man they hold near and dear to their hearts. 


 Florida is a melting pot with a largely transient population. The crowd was a multicultural mix that really brought out the red, white and blue! That night, as blacksfortrump2020.com booed CNN reporter Jim Acosta, it didn’t matter what organization you did or didn’t represent – the whole crowd chimed in to support the chant more than once. Solidarity.

 Solidarity  shown in America.  That solidarity also got two protesters tossed out on their asses!


 President Trump was preceded on the stage by several speakers, including Lara Trump, and


 Casey DeSantis, wife of the Trump -endorsed candidate for Governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis. 

Ron DeSantis was a Dunedin, Florida resident, who was an Iraq Veteran serving in Fallujah and Supported SEAL Team One. According to his campaign web site, he also “served as a JAG officer and dealt with terrorists in Guantanamo Bay and Iraq. He is 100% pro-life, a strong defender of the Second Amendment, and a taxpayer super hero. President Trump has endorsed Ron DeSantis saying he is a brilliant leader and will make a great governor of Florida. Sean Hannity and Mark Levin also have endorsed him. Military Decorations for Ron DeSantis include the bronze star medal for meritorious service and the Iraq campaign medal. He has also served as a federal and military prosecutor .” He is also a father of a daughter and son. 

 Link to Ron DeSantis web site:



 President Trump fully endorsed Governor of Florida candidate Ron DeSantis , in his speech, at this event. He welcomed Ron DeSantis on stage to convey his message of support for the people of the Sunshine State. Ron DeSantis, besides being a hometown boy, has the same mindset and views of the President. He wants a better country for his children, as well as yours, mine, and ours.

 Florida is not the only state with races coming up for local, regional or state political positions.  There is still plenty of time to check our any upcoming elections you may be having in your state, and find out who the Trump Team is supporting. We need to build a strong political infrastructure that is RED to help our POTUS succeed in his mission! 


 If you are an independent biker for Trump, a member of Bikers for Trump, or a motorcycle enthusiast who loves Trump, …..just SUPPORT your President Trump. To those out there who think they are better than the rest, stop your fucking inbred cultural whining!!! This isn’t about you –  It’s about PRESIDENT TRUMP. 

 Everybody get on the Trump Train and support your POTUS. It’s not going to get any better….these pussies, yes those pink hat wearing fuckers, the millennials, and the Blue Wave of Democrats are out there and are whining so fucking much! They are doing so for no good reason. They are using every tactic known to man, and in their power to destroy OUR POTUS.   By holding tight and sticking together and showing solidarity, we can keep  the Trump Train from getting derailed.  

 Our POTUS is a brilliant businessman and is what we have needed for so long to straighten out our land of Liberty. But he can’t do it alone. Now is the time, motorcycle people! Jump on the Trump Train!! Trump stands for our Veterans, too. I wish my dad, a WWII vet, was alive to see the fervor that Trump has spread throughout our great land, along with changes coming to the VA! He, being a homegrown Jersey boy of Hungarian LEGAL immigrants who came thru Ellis Island, American Legion and VFW member, and Navy Veteran, and retired steel worker, would have been so proud of “that New Yorker” LOL! 


 POTUS Trump stands for bikers! This showed thru on his visit to Tampa. 


 Dickhead Dave, an old timer from St. Pete, and ardent Trump supporter, yelled out to the President who was walking down the ramp to the stage: “Bikers for Trump! Thank you Mr. President! “   President Trump stopped, turned around, and pointed at Dickhead and said, “Thank You!” What a moment! The President sees and acknowledges the support from all aspects of the biker community. On the way out, Dickhead Dave again yelled toward the president, who stopped, turned to him, and again said “…thank you , sir” and gave Dickhead Dave a thumbs up!   Epic event of the night!


 Motorcycle people are dedicated to their lifestyle and their causes. There is no other culture on this planet that is the same. This isn’t about just being president of an organization and being famous. There is something serious going on here. Get off your keyboards and start getting out into the community.  Your local community.  Elections are happening in many states this year – and may need the RED TIDE to swing in and help the TRUMP endorsed politician win their election. 


 Find out where you can help out in your state for elections. Find out about working the polls. Attend the politician rallies in your neighborhood. Be a part of this wave of Americanism that is sweeping the country in a way it never has before. Trump has given up his opulent lifestyle to put America back on Track. He is sincere. He is the one person who can deliver this country from the evil where it’s been for the past 8+ years. 

 Don’t just be a keyboard commando…there are enough of those around. Stand up and be counted. Do your part in Making America Great Again, no matter how large or how small.

We can, and will  keep Trump in the White House for 2020.

 We can and will Keep America Great Again.



 Florida Republican Party link:



 The political phenomenon and Political Action Committee: Bikers for Trump links:

Everyone who supports President Trump is welcome to join this political action committee.

 Join our group page for your state of residence. We welcome all who support President Trump.

Bikers For Trump Alabama (Official) 

Bikers For Trump Alaska (Official)

Bikers For Trump Arizona (Official)

Bikers For Trump Arkansas (Official)

Bikers For Trump California (Official)

Bikers For Trump Colorado (Official)

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Bikers For Trump Delaware (Official)

Bikers For Trump Florida (Official)

Bikers For Trump Georgia (Official)

Bikers For Trump Hawaii (Official)

Bikers For Trump Idaho (Official)

Bikers For Trump Illinois (Official)

Bikers For Trump Indiana (Official)

Bikers For Trump Iowa (Official)

Bikers For Trump Kansas (Official)

Bikers For Trump Kentucky (Official)

Bikers For Trump Louisiana (Official)

Bikers For Trump Maine (Official)

Bikers For Trump Maryland (Official)

Bikers For Trump Massachusetts (Official)

Bikers For Trump Michigan (Official)

Bikers For Trump Minnesota (Official)

Bikers For Trump Mississippi (Official)

Bikers For Trump Missouri (Official)

Bikers For Trump Montana (Official)

Bikers For Trump Nebraska (Official)

Bikers For Trump Nevada (Official)

Bikers For Trump New Hampshire (Official)

Bikers For Trump New Jersey (Official)

Bikers For Trump New Mexico (Official)

Bikers For Trump New York (Official)

Bikers For Trump North Carolina (Official)

Bikers For Trump North Dakota (Official)

Bikers For Trump Ohio (Official)

Bikers For Trump Oklahoma (Official)

Bikers For Trump Oregon (Official)

Bikers For Trump Pennsylvania (Official)

Bikers For Trump Rhode Island (Official)

Bikers For Trump South Carolina (Official)

Bikers For Trump South Dakota (Official)

Bikers For Trump Tennessee (Official)

Bikers For Trump Texas (Official)

Bikers For Trump Utah (Official)

Bikers For Trump Vermont (Official)

Bikers For Trump Virginia (Official)

Bikers For Trump Washington (Official)

Bikers For Trump Washington, DC (Official)

Bikers For Trump West Virginia (Official)

Bikers For Trump Wisconsin (Official)

Bikers For Trump Wyoming (Official)













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