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Rogue and Owner


I have known Robert Chester for a long time, and during that time he has always owned a fast motorcycle.

When he told me he had bought a 2007 Street Glide in November of 2006 the first thing I asked him was he going to be satisfied with a 96-inch bagger, after his previous bike that had 133 HP at the rear wheel.

Well, it only took a couple of months before he took it to his friend Nick at Trask Performance who was able to get it up to 78 horsepower and 81 pounds of torque from the original 67 horsepower and 72 pound torque.

That just was not enough so he contacted our friends at Zippers Performance and decided to go with their 103 Kit.

Mark Dunn at Dunnrite Bikes in Phoenix Arizona took the engine apart and shipped the heads, and cylinders to Zippers Performance, they sent back a set of CNC ported heads, 103 cylinders, Redline cams, push rods, throttle body, seals and gaskets.

Mark reassembled the engine and also put on some true dual Thunder headers.

Robert rode the bike for 2,500 miles and then took it back to Trask Performance to be put back on the dyno machine. After the dyno, the bike had an impressive 114 horses and 118 torgue at the rear wheel.

Not long after that he had an accident, and he decided to put the taller bars, stretched tank, bags, side covers, front and rear fenders, then paint it so that he could find it in a sea of stock Harley-Davidsons.

That was done by Dunnrite Bikes and Bad Boy Graphics. Check all the details items in the tech sheet.

One Quick One
One Quick One

Owner: Robert L. Chester
Bike Name: 1QIK1
Builder: Harley Davidson / Custom – Dunnrite Bikes
City/state: Phoenix, AZ
Company Info: Dunnrite Bikes
Address: Phoenix

Manufacturing: Dunnrite Bikes
Welding: Dunnrite Bikes
Machining: Dunnrite Bikes

Year: 2007
Make: Harley Davidson
Model: Street Glide
Displacement: Was a 96 now 103 Zippers Performance
Builder or Rebuilder: Dunnrite Bikes
Cases: Harley Davidson
Case finish: Black Matt
Barrels: Harley Davidson with Zippers Performance Sleeves
Pistons: Zippers Performance Forged Pistons
Barrel finish: Black Matt
Lower end: Stock Harley Davidson
Heads: CNC-ported Zippers Performance
Head finish: Black Matt
Valves and springs: Zippers Performance
Pushrods: Pro Taper
Cams: Red Line 577 Cams
Lifters: Stock Harley Davidson
Carburetion: Zippers Performance Throttle body
Air cleaner: MaxFlow Air Cleaner
Exhaust: Thunder Headers (True Dual)
Mufflers: Thunder Headers (True Dual)

Year: 2007
Make: Harley Davidson
Gear configuration: Stock
Final drive: Stock

Year: 2007
Builder: Harley Davidson
Style or Model: Street Glide
Modifications: Stock
Rear Shocks: Race Tech Suspension

Front End
Make: Stock Harley Davidson
Model: Street Glide
Year: 2007
Length: Stock
Mods: Race Tech Suspension (Gold Valve Fork Kit)

Sheet metal
Tanks: After Market
Fenders: After Market
Panels: After Market

Sheet metal: Bad Boy Graphics
Molding: Bad Boy Graphics and Dunnrite Bikes
Base coat: Bad Boy Graphics
Graphics: Bad Boy Graphics

Make: SMT Machine (Tribal)
Size: 3” x 21”
Make: SMT Machine (Tribal)
Size 5” x 18”
Brake rotor: SMT Machine (Tribal)
Tires Michelin Commander

Other Information

Handlebar controls: Harley Davidson
Finish: Chrome
Ignition: ThunderMax with AutoTune
Headlight: Arlen Ness
Taillight: Custom
Seat: Custom
Mirror(s): Custom
Handlebars: Trask Performance
Grips: Harley Davidson Heated Grips
Pegs: After Market Harley Davidson Floor Boards Front and Rear

Credits: Mark Dunn – Dunnright Bikes
Trask Performance (Dyno Tuning and Bars)
Bad Boy Graphics


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