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Riding Free in the 21st Century



Dave Nichols is the editor of Easyriders magazine. Through the people he meets and associates with he has been able to write numerous articles and books about the world of motorcycling. An Important part of the motorcycle lifestyle involves clubs some of which are one percenters. His latest book is ONE PERCENTER REVOLUTION - Riding Free in The 21st Century. This is his third book about the outlaw biker lifestyle.

The first one was One Percenter: The Legend of the Outlaw Biker which dealt with the rebels, clubs, outlaw motorcyclist, and one percenters from the '40s and '50s.

Following that was The One Percenter Code: How to Be A Outlaw in a World Gone Soft which dealt with a newer generation which in a large part included children following in their father’s footsteps. As more people become interested in riding many migrated to the clubs for brotherhood and the various clubs all increased in membership.

ONE PERCENTER REVOLUTION - Riding Free in The 21st Century is about todays latest breed of biker who often has a love for old motorcycles and the lifestyle he has heard about, seen or been part of.

Dave says: This new book is dedicated to this new breed of rebel rouser and highway hooligan. I agree and found it covers the subject well.

I feel I am qualified to comment on this because I started riding in the early '50s. I am one of the founders of the HUNS MC. I became the International President before I resigned to fight for motorcycle rights. And am still very involved in the lifestyle.

Due to my experience and the many people who I have met through the years I can say I think Dave has done a very good job with his books on educating non club riders or those interested in one percenters, the lifestyle in general and I suggest if you are interested you read his book.

The clubs are a Very Important Part of the Motorcycle Lifestyle.

ONE PERCENTER REVOLUTION - RIDING FREE in the 21st Century is available at Barnes & Noble and other quality book stores and on Amazon. It can also be found by ISBN: 978-0-7603-5238-0


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