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Tuesday Edition

OLE '97

Beat-on's Other Ride

By Rogue and Beat-on


Last June we ran a feature on a black/red 1998 FLSTS Heritage Springer “Ole ’98” which was a throw back to the Panhead garbage wagons of the “'50s-'60s”.

Apparently Ole ’98’s stablemate got jealous. It’s a she of course and has been giving Beat-on, its owner, a hard time ever since, as Harleys are apt to do. So in an effort to keep the garage peaceful we are now featuring his 1997 Ole ’97, also a FLSTS Heritage Springer.

1997 was the first year the Heritage Spring was produced. It was available in White with either red or blue trim. The white and red version was by far the more popular and continues to hold its value better than any of the older Harley-Davidson models.

Much like its sister, this bike has some old school touches. the rear pegs are Schwinn Bicycle pedals. These pedals were used as an inexpensive kick starter replacement when the Harley pedals broke, which they often did. Beat-on machined a mini set of heal-toe shifter pedals to match. The floorboards have drive chains as trim, which was another of the early customizing attempts back when all accessories had to be fabricated by the builder.

The main objective for this bike was to build a bike for cross-county travel. For that reason reliability and availability of stock parts was the main focus. The drive train was left stock as was most of the mechanical parts. The 4.5 gallon tanks were replaced with 6.5 gallon tanks adding at least 80 miles to her cruising range. This extra gas comes in handy on her annual Sturgis run, where only back highways are used.

The exception to stock is the charging system, which was upgraded to a 3 phase by Cycle Electric. This was found to be necessary to power a pair of 100 watt HMI speakers, which are connected to a Garmon Road Tech 550 combination GPS & MP3 player.

The wheels are both 80 spoke tubeless. The front spokes are beaded to give the illusion of being twisted.

The windshield is by Memphis Shades, with graphics reminiscent of Jack’s Old No. 7 brand.

The hand shields are from National Cycle and their graphic were borrowed (without permission) from Kris Kristoferson!

The clutch cover was inspired by Paladin. You youngsters will just have to google it!

The rear is illuminated with red-lighted license plate jewels, bullet running lights and red, white and blue leds suspended under the rear bumper.

The tombstone taillight came with an 1157 bulb which is installed vertically leaving the light a little dim. For this reason an LED circuit board replacement was used resulting in a highly visible taillight.

The headlight and spotlight covers were hot rod visors from the ’50s. The “Caddie Eye” spotlight visors originally had a radius of 7 inches for car headlights. They had to be heated and molded to the 4.5 inch spots. There were some casualties before he got it right! All these lights have glass red dots installed in holes that were drilled in the stock lights.

As with all of his bikes, this one also has the Beat-onbilt trademark plate on the inner primary case and a Teamster Union 100 Anniversary medallion on the coil cover, as a finishing touch.

EDITORS NOTE: Rogue and Beat-on go back to the '70s and he is part of the Rogue Photography Crew.


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