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Saturday Edition

New York Myke at Trump Inauguration

One of the many stories coming from the Presidential Inauguration

New York Myke


I was all set to ride to the Inauguration of President Donald J. Trump, when a few days before I was to leave I got hit with a kidney stone. So I flew out to join Bikers for Trump without a bike.  If I wasn't going to ride there, why get a bike to park someplace knowing the mess D.C. would be. Haha, I was right, but I didn't didn't even have a clue!

I'd been in touch with Chris Cox, founder of BIkers for Trump and he was keeping me up to date on the group's agenda. I always let everyone know I'll be hanging out at Shelly's Back Room on F st. whenever I'm in DC, and if he needed anything (staging, lighting, sound systems, or permits) my friend Tony from there could probably hook him up.

Chris Cox was focused on two things by Wednesday:
1. Setting up a 'wall of meat' in front of the Deplorable's Ball Thursday night.
2. The BFT -Bikers for Trump- Rally at John Marshall Park on Friday. That's all I knew after several conversations with Chris on the ground in DC.

He also let me know he was reaching out to Artie Muller (founder of Rolling Thunder) to speak at the rally so I called Artie to let him know, and tell him I was going to speak representing RT. Artie thanked me and predicted it would be a clusterfuck. He was going to focus on RT and hope for a better reception from this White House than the last one.

Well it turned out to be quite a cluster, to say the least!

I met my friends Chris T. and Boomer at Shelly's Thursday at around 2:00. Being the Bikers they are and retired Navy doesn't describe them as much as the fact they each weigh in at over 300lbs. They're smart, articulate and they're quick. So we started drinking, lit up some cigars, had some lunch and some more drinks, and then Mark Connors came in.

Ordinarily, I wouldn't mention this but it gets important later on. Connors has a radio show, a band and a few years ago he did me a favor at San Diego H-D by playing for free at an event to get US Marine Tamorissee out of a Mexican prison. He's never asked for anything, so when he asked if I would sponsor his radio show at the Inauguration I agreed and it didn't cost me anything. So everything is cool until Connors sells BIkers for Trump tee shirts to my friends. He then offers me one for free, I turn it down and Chris T. and Boomer look at me like, uh oh. I say Connors has no right to sell BFT tee shirts. Connors argues that it's just giving BFT and Chris Cox more exposure (and some other bs stuff), but Chris and Boomer already took off their shirts as Connors kept explaining why he was right.

We stayed at Shelly's until after 7pm when the crowd outside in front of the Deplorable's Ball (conveniently the Ball was at the National Press Club, directly across the street from Shelly's) started growing. Even so the contingent of cops was growing faster. We went out 'among' them and began talking, arguing, trying to make some sense of their actions.

Clearly it was first Chris T. and then Boomer who engaged these 'snowflakes' the most. Make no mistake, these were not terrorists or even close. There might have been a thug or two in the crowd, but they were like hippy throwbacks, many with masks or bandanas on their faces that made them look even more stupid than they were. I will get into why these assholes should have been arrested, or stopped from making their threats and intimidating people.

Then there was Mark Connors going through the crowd with his BIkers for Trump shirt interviewing snowflakes for his radio show. So, in fairness Chris T. wore his BFT shirt as well and the exposure was valuable, that cannot be denied. Chris Cox has done an excellent job in getting Bikers for Trump to where it is and although the 'wall of meat' he offered to the Deplorable's turned out to be me Chris, Boomer & Mark, there really wasn't a need with all the cops (I'm sure plenty more undercover) and the lack of any serious threat. Nonetheless, given the money he raised, which is significant, Cox should take responsibility for the lack of turnout both at this event and the next day at the non-event at John Marshall Park.

That's not a condemnation of Chris Cox by the way, who as I said did a magnificent job, but he didn't seem to foresee all the obstacles that would prevent motorcycles from being anywhere near Pennsylvania Avenue or even close to the general vicinity of the marches, and demonstrations, etc.
In hindsight I can easily see why it didn't work out, I'm not so sure I would have been able to predict it if it was me on the ground and not Chris Cox. But it was Chris and I'd like to hear his thoughts, his situation roundup, and his accounting for the funds, how much was raised and where the money went. At least to the extent that we in the biker community deserve such an accounting, which I don't think is a legal issue but surely there's a compelling moral one.

On Friday morning my wife Petrina and I got up at 5:00 am to get to 'the zone', have breakfast at the JW Marriott then walk over to John Marshall Park for the BIkers for Trump event then to the Inauguration. We left the JW before 8:00 with plenty of time to walk the 1.5 miles, or so, but we hadn't counted on the obstacles that the cops would create because of the demonstrators.  As we walked past the first group of demonstrators I get the sense that my wife is more than a little uncomfortable. Now Petrina is not a shrinking violate, she's a tough cookie and not easily intimidated, but I can see, as she readily admits, these masked bozos have her a little shaken.

I'm getting angry, as I start to realize that I may consider these people whiners, bozos and snowflakes, but they are scary to many people, keeping some families from participating and make many folks who would like to bring their kids to events like these change their minds. On the other hand, those who do bring their kids may find that the kids are traumatized by the experience and there is no reason to accept or tolerate this behavior. The problem is it's not our call, it's up to the "authorities" and this is the sad part. As Petrina and I continue towards the event, the roads are becoming closed and blocked and when we ask why, because we see no reason, we're told it's because of the protesters.

We question the police, the FBI, and other agencies but we get the same or an I'm just following directions thing. We say why are we paying the price for their actions and their bad behavior and blanko! Our 1/2 hour walk turns into an hour. We get to the park, it's cold & rainy and there aren't more than 10 or 15 people there including cops. Black Lives Matter people have chained themselves to the fenced entrance opposite Pennsylvania Avenue, the cops won't let us near them and tell us they will cancel the event if this persists. Again, the scumbags win by being scumbags because the "authorities" don't want to stand up to them. It's always easier to get honest citizens to capitulate and even though Chris Cox had gotten BFT to challenge and change that paradime, there was no way any numbers of Bikers could gather to make that difference in this environment.

It also needs to be noted that Chris Cox got a permit to have a pro-Trump event at this Park, not an easy thing to do, which made BFT the target of BLM. Then Chris told me the event won't start until 1pm. It wasn't even 10:00 am, so I said to Petrina let's get out this cold and wet and get someplace warm.
Getting out of there was worse than I ever could have imagined with more ridiculous street closures and detours and then getting back was impossible.

We got back to our hotel, had a late lunch with Chris T. and
Boomer and passed on the Bikers for Trump Ball, because I was so sick I just wanted to go to sleep. I didn't know anything about a Rally the next day either, or I would have been there, as Petrina and I went downtown for lunch with Chris T., Boomer and some other friends. Chris Cox told me it was a descent event afterward but I still have no idea when that was planned or who was there or invited.
It's hard to blame anyone for the mess the people in charge allowed the place to turn into, except for those in charge & hopefully with 'a new Sheriff in town' there'll be a better, more structured answer to the dissenters at the next national event in our nations capital.

I don't know what Chris Cox is going to do with the organization he's built to help get Donald Trump elected President, but I believe that's entirely up to him and those who've worked closely with him, if he has anything like a 'board of directors' or such. Was Bikers for Trump effective during the Inauguration? Well, it had a definite presence, lots of people both for and against Trump were very aware of BFT, and it was not just an effective organization for President Trump but it helped further a positive image of motorcyclists in ways that I don't think we've seen in many years. This isn't the article to examine that phenomenon but somebody might want to take on that project because it would be very worthwhile, in my opinion.

Finally I will sum up my experience in DC for the Inauguration of President Trump as one that ran the gamut from awesome, and it was awesome, to despicable, disappointing, and it was all that as well!
I was glad I was there. I'd do it again without hesitation. As a Vietnam veteran these protests were nothing compared to what it was like reading what the protesters were doing and saying while I watched my friends get killed and wounded for their freedom to protest & demonstrate and then coming back and seeing the burning of our flag and the calling us baby killers and worse. I said in many interviews it was much worse at Valley Forge for George Washington. It's been worse than that obviously thru the Civil War and in every American generation. If you're born an American, you're born fighting! It was still disgusting to me. I refuse to get used to it. It's like history being ignored when Americans should be learning how to live together not cursing and spitting at each other.

My final thoughts on Bikers for Trump is Chris Cox deserves all the credit he gets notwithstanding the lack of a mission at the Inauguration itself. Mark Connors should never have sold any 'outlaw BFT tee shirts' even if it turned out to be good exposure. It's not legal and it's immoral as well. Connors also has no right to call BFT participants like myself or my friends Chris & Boomer 'boy scouts' as if we weren't stepping up when we should have been. That's just bullshit, plain & simple and he needs to be called out for all this. Other than that I'm excited to see what Trump's first hundred days looks like.  I'm really excited about this year's 30th Rolling Thunder coming up at the Vietnam Veterans' Wall this Memorial Day!
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