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Okay, I think we will all agree that motorcycle engines get hot! Most are air-cooled and using oil and in some cases additives in fuel to help keep them operating at the proper temperature. Through the years numerous kinds of devices have been used to try and accomplish this.

This article is about one of those devices and it was chosen for this motorcycle by its owner because she had one on her last motorcycle and was very pleased with it.
Customer Loyalty.
This unit is from ULTRA-COOL- It uses dual 200 CFM fans with the heat exchanger that is activated by a thermal switch that turns the fans on when the oil temperature reaches 210 degrees and fits Harley-Davidson Touring Trike Models 09- present with air cooled engines. There are similar units to fit other models and the installation is basically the same.

Following the instructions a person with average mechanical skills should be able to do this install at home. Putting the motorcycle on a lift definitely makes the job easier but it can be done without one.

Tools Required
5/32 inch Allen Wrench
7/16 Open End Wrench
2- 11/16 Open End Wrenches
3/8 Drive Ratchet
3/8 Drive Extension
3/8 Drive Torque Wrench
1 Inch Socket
Oil Filter Wrench
Oil Drain Pan
7/16 – 3/8 Drive Allen Driver
3/8 Drive Number 27 Torex Drive
Power Drill
5/16 Drill Bit
Wire Strippers
Terminal End Crimpers


Remove the oil filter and clean up oil and dirt.

This motorcycle had a factory oil cooler on it, so it was removed with all parts that went with it. A 7/16 Allen adapter was used to remove the original factory bolt that held the filter mount to the engine.

The area was cleaned using SPECTRO Suspension Cleaner.

The threaded adapter for the kit is then installed putting three drops of Red Thread Locker to the short end installing it into the center filler hole. Torque adapter to 18-22 foot-pounds or 216-264 inch-pounds depending on which torque wrench you have.  Three drops of Blue Thread Locker was put on the long end of the threaded adapter.

The Oil Adapter is placed on a clean surface and using a 5/32 Allen drive the six bolts holding it together are removed. (Watch out for the small washers). There are (4) - 1 1/8 and (2) 3/4 long bolts and 6 washers.
The parts of the adapter are marked A-B-C. Take part C and looking at the back side there are two alignment cams.

Part C goes over the oil filter mount in the 11:00 position add a few drops of Blue Thread Locker to the 1inch nut from the kit and tighten. Final Torque is 18-22 foot-pounds or 216-264 inch-pounds.

Install part A and B which is the gasket. Put some Blue Thread Locker on the threads of the six bolts, making sure the washers are installed, put the 2 – 3/4 inch ones in the top holes and through the gasket. This will hold the gasket in place. Use the 5/32 Allen wrench to get them started into plate C. Install the 4- 1-1/8 bolts into the other holes and hand tighten all.

When all the bolts and washers are installed hand tighten. Then use a torque wrench to tighten to 5 foot-pounds or 60 inch-pounds. Tighten in a star pattern following the diagram in the installation manual.

Remove the two 1/4 nuts holding the voltage regulator to the frame. Lift the regulator off the frame and install the mounting bracket between the frame and the regulator. Re-install and tighten the nuts.

Using a line up tool while putting in screw on other end
Using a line up tool while putting in screw on other end

Put a drop of engine oil on the threads of the fittings and install the oil lines to the fittings and hand tighten.
Remove the cover from the cooler and place the cooler on the mounting plate and hold in place with one screw. Oil threads of fittings and install hoses to the cooler core.

Beginning with using the oil line wrench supplied in the kit tighten the lines while using a 11/16 open end wrench to hold the core fitting to prevent damage. Tighten all other oil line fittings. Install a new oil filter.
Install the oil cooler cover that was previously removed. Check that all oil lines do not touch anything. There are two pieces of split rubber hose in kit that can be installed on hoses if needed.

The kit comes with an indicator light that comes on when the fan is running. Not using the indicator will not affect the operation of the oil cooler. Installation of the light will vary slightly depending on which model motorcycle it is installed on.

We chose to install it in the middle of the dash panel by drilling a 5/16 hole and following the wiring instructions in the kit. There is an optional handlebar mount also available.

The motorcycle was started and checked for leaks. There were none. We then added Spectro Platinum Heavy Duty Motorcycle Full Synthetic SAE 20w50 Oil to the tank to top off after the oil filer and cooler filled up.

During the test ride the fan started and the indicator light came on and when we got back checked the oil temperature. It was right where it should be.

Prior to riding the motorcycle we installed a Lighted LCD Oil Temperature Gauge with Dipstick from Bikers Choice - Part Number 601668. It reads Fahrenheit and Centigrade and has an adjustable Overheat Warning Light. It is available through your local motorcycle shop.

We wanted to see just how good our new oil cooler was working.

To find the ULTRA COOL to fit your motorcycle go to https://www.ultracoolfl.com/




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