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Friday Edition

Las Vegas--Baddest Bagger Show in photo's

The Baddest Baggers in Vegas

Photos By Jack Mcintyre, Text by Richard Kranzler


Las Vegas Bikefest 2013 had some of the Baddest Baggers in the country show up and we where lucky enough to be able to bribe our photographer Jack Mcintyre to put down his bottle of Jack and get out of his reserved seat that sits center stage at one of the local Strip Clubs to get us a photo shoot of the Baddest Bagger Show. 

We should have known that prying him away from the busty brunette he had his eyes on was going to cause us problems down the road but what the hell we needed those photos.
What are these problems? Well he was so damn interested in getting back to his debauchery that he forgot to take notes so all we got was a handful of digital images with a short email telling  us that he was off to the next event.

Next time we will just have to catch him before he finds something other than motorcycles that catches his eye.

Richard Kranzler


Want to catch all the Girls and Debauchery of Las Vegas Bikefest 2013 then head over to the Cantina and check out the rest of the story.

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