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Now Available for Indians, the Patented Engine Guard/Highway Peg System from Lindby

By Ball, Per Lindby and Indian of Orange County



I planned to take my Indian for its first 10,000 mile service to Orange County Indian and just then I noticed the new Lindbar for Indians. Leo Hartog the General Manager of the dealership said he had a highbar Chief just crying for the new stout Lindbar, so we made a deal. I spoke to Per Lindby, the boss and master designer behind this product line and we shipped a new show-chromed Indian Lindbar to OC.

“The unique fusion of creative engineering and excellence make us the proud manufacturer of The Lindbar, the original patented combined engine guard and highway peg,” said Per. LINDBY CUSTOM INC., offers premier products and quality service on their patented products.

PATENT# D361311

Triple chrome plated.
1 ¼ outside diameter
Easily installed with simple hand tools.
Comes with all necessary hardware and instructions.
O-rings are replaceable but made of a high quality neoprene and won’t dry rot, if you do need to replace one you just slide it over the lower bracket.
We do offer wider O-rings for The LINBAR so instead of 10 small O-rings you can install 5 wide O-ring-- Part number 412.
You can add our clamp on foot pegs for additional comfort. Part number 810, 815 or 820.
 Instructions for Indian Lindbar Install

Part # 504-1
504-1 fits Indian Chief Classic/ Vintage

1. Remove bolt that secures the brake line to the lower Triple Tree.

2. Install the Linbar between the Frame and the Brake Line.

3. Install the two 8mm bolts on the top mounts.

4.Install the Left and Right lower 10mm Bolts.

5. Tighten all bolts to manufacturer’s specifications including bolt removed
from the brake line.

*Hardware Included:
-2 x bolts 8mm x 25mm
-2 x bolts 10mm x 25mm

Here Are some Frequently Asked Questions

-Does Lindby Custom ship outside of the United States?

Yes, we do ship outside of the U.S. via UPS. To our customers in Canada and Europe, they can also find our products through our exclusive distributors Parts Canada and Parts Europe. Please see your local dealer to place the order.

-What kind of warranty does Lindby Custom offer when I purchase their products?

Lindby Custom has been making top of the line high quality products since 1993. We give all our customers a whole year warranty on the chrome plating/ black powder coat and a life time warranty on any manufacture defects. In order to get covered by the warranty we will need to see a valid invoice of the purchase. The product it will go through inspection to confirm that it was not involved in any accident or bike drop.

-What is Lindby Custom's return policy? Lindby Custom will refund you 100% of your money except for the shipping charges.

Lindby Custom will need the original Lindby Custom invoice and the product will have to be in a new unused condition.

-Why did my package come without Hardware?

If you do not see a hardware kit with your package, make sure that you check both ends of the box and see if the hardware is on the other side of the foam. If the hardware is missing please contact us and we will further assist you.

-Why can't I find a black highway bar for my bike model?

If you are looking for a black highway bar but do not see it on our catalog, there are a couple options a customer may take. It is possible to take a chrome plated Lindby Custom Highway bar to any local Powder Coater and they can give the bar a black finish withouth any stripping of the original chrome plating necessary.

Another route is ordering the bar in RAW where it will be sold in an all metal state that will be polished and ready for powder coating of your choice. It will take production 7-10 business days to make the RAW bar. Extra O-rings will be supplied for you to install after the highway bar has been powder coated. The RAW option is only available for the LINBAR.

-Will extended forward controls work with the Linbar?

No, all of Lindby Custom Highway bars are meant to be compatible with controls that are set in their original stock position.

There are a few models like the Dyna's were it is possible to move the mid controls to forward controls and our Highway bars will fit that set up as long as the controls are from the Harley Kit and they are set on the stock forward position and not extended.

320 E. Crowther Ave., Placentia, CA 92870
Phone (714) 528-0085 • Fax (714) 528-0087

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Indian of Orange County


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