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7-Inch Daymaker Adaptive LED Headlamp



Things keep getting better every day. We have come a long way since sealed beam headlights, with halogen bulbs and then LED headlamps. Harley had their Daymaker LED out for some time and recently came out with the Adaptive Led Headlamp which goes a step further by increasing visibility around corners and eliminating blind spots.

The pure white light with 4000lms on high beam and 2600lms on low, reaches out in front of the motorcycle to increase the distance you can see and it also has 12 LED spotlights that activate on the lean of the motorcycle to give curb to curb lighting that other types of LED headlights do not and it works on both high and low beams.

The aluminum body acts as a heat sink for up to 10 times longer life than regular headlights. The light halo on the outer edge of the light adds a custom touch and also makes the motorcycle more visible.

See Video from Harley - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZpWf4ZuM2hA

Fits ’12-’16 FLD, ’04-’17 FLS, FLSS, FLSTC, FLSTF, FLSTFB, FLSTFBS and FLSTN and ’09-later Touring models (except Road Glide and Trike models). ’12-’16 FLD, ’04-’17 Softail® models equipped with Freight Train Headlamp Nacelle Kit and ’09-’13 Touring models require separate purchase of Headlamp Mounting Ring P/N 67700439 and Jumper Harness P/N 69201070.

This headlight fits a lot of motorcycles and I strongly suggest you see the instructions from Harley, on which models and what procedure is required for each one; see service document https://serviceinfo.harley-davidson.com/sip/service/document/1138443674720584733?locale=en_US

Stock HD 2009 Headlight
Stock HD 2009 Headlight

Aftermarket LED Headlight
Aftermarket LED Headlight

Harley Adaptive LED Headlamp
Harley Adaptive LED Headlamp

My motorcycle is a 2009 FLHTC it came with a halogen bulb and was upgraded to an aftermarket LED in 2013. I was happy with it, until I rode with some friends, who had Harley Daymaker Headlamps.

When I decided to upgrade and went looking for information, I found the newest version of the Daymaker part number 67700427.
Link to Harley https://www.harley-davidson.com/store/7-in-daymaker-adaptive-led-headlamp-pa-11-67700427--1

Following the Instructions that came with the headlamp kit, I feel it was an easy install. This is something that you should be able to do yourself with basic hand tools if you are comfortable with it. If the procedure is not within your capabilities or you do not have the correct tools, have a Harley-Davidson dealer handle the installation.

Using a Philips head screw driver, I removed the screw holding the headlight door and then the three screws in the retaining ring, releasing the headlight. I disconnected the wiring and put the old headlight safely away.

2009 Headlight Bucket
2009 Headlight Bucket

To install in my motorcycle, I also needed to replace the headlight bucket with the newer mounting ring, retaining ring and wiring harness jumper, part number 71628-04

Using a T-25 Torx, I removed the screws holding the headlight bucket to the fairing and installed the new mounting ring.

The only changes to the wiring on this installation was to plug in the wiring harness jumper.

Install headlight with new ring.

When I first turned on the headlight the bright white beam showed me I had made a good choice to upgrade. The fact that I replaced a LED headlight with the Daymaker and saw a noticeable improvement is important.

For those who replace a Halogen will see even a greater improvement.

I set the headlight alignment and then came the hard part - Waiting For The Darkness To Do The Test Ride.

I headed to some dark and twisty roads I knew, OH YEAH.
I was able to run through them faster than I have been because I now had better lighting and was not outrunning my headlight.

I guess this is where I am supposed to put Do Not DO This If You Are Not A Professional. The road test was done by a professional rider on a closed course. I have been riding a long time and peeled through lots of miles and have actually been paid to ride and test some parts, so I will go with the professional rider. The closed course means out by the cow fields where there was not any traffic this time of night.

Bottom Line I WAS VERY IMPRESSED with this headlight.


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