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Tuesday Edition


Halogen VS LED

Photos and text by Dmac


7-inch Daymaker H-D Reflector LED Headlamp – Black 68000252 
So my ol FLHPI, Fringe, did her first 3000 miles on the Tampa Police force. I purchased her in 2004 when she was retired to the floor of then Gulfcoast Harley-Davidson, where my GBNF brother, Cake, had taken up residence selling bikes after his service in the Marines.
She sat side-by-side with a twin, but something drew me to her. We’ve weathered many a storm together, and she has been running the same OEM Halogen 7-inch Headlamp all these years later. She got me thru hail storms in South Dakota, hurricanes in Florida, and the tunnels in the Northeast U.S. Since she has served me well thru the first 100k, I’ve decided to give her a face-lift of sorts, so she can find the way thru the next 100k. Her Halogen Headlamp got foggy with age, and the headlamp output wasn't as vibrant as her younger years.

4-inch Daymaker Reflector LED Auxiliary Lamps – Chrome Part Number 68000252

Mounting Ring Assembly 67700204
Wire Harness – Headlamp 69201070 (Jumper Harness)

After disconnecting the negative battery cable and removing the main fuse, I removed the Trim Ring and the retaining ring

After removing the retaining ring, I took out the headlight and disconnected the wire harness. The old headlamp was then removed.

After removing the two screws holding in the bowl behind the headlight, I proceeded to remove the screws in the inner bowl, below, and...

Removed the inner pan section to expose the wiring.

Since Fringe didn’t have a place for the auxiliary wire that was attached to the main plug wire, I just tied it up and attached it to the Jump Wire.

I installed the ground wire on the frame (upper engine guard) and ran it to the back of the headlamp, then inserted the headlamp into the Mounting Ring Assembly and lined it up with the existing holes in the housing. All 8 screws were replaced into the housing putting the Mounting Ring Assembly in place.

OF NOTE: Thank you Jake at Harley-Davidson of New Port Richey! The instructions that came with the Headlamp mention that some models will require purchase of mounting ring kit 67700439. However, when looking into this further, this was not the correct kit for my installation in an FLHPI. After spending time with Jake, Milwaukee Tech Support responded that they noted Part 67700204 was the actual part number that would allow the upgrade/fitment of the LED Headlamp onto Fringe. After ordering the part, it arrive in five days and was installed without problem.

I cleaned off the mounting ring surface with rubbing alcohol then and installed the three soft mount foam spacers around the matching cutout areas to help cushion the light.

I applied the BLACK retaining ring that came with the LED Headlamp, then installed the original Ring. I also rechecked the alignment of the LED Auxiliary Lamps and the headlight to align the bulbs 25-feet from the wall where I followed Harley-Davidson’s recommend alignment: LED Type

1. Check tire pressures are correct.
2. Adjust rear shocks for the rider and intended load.
3. Choose a wall with minimum light
4. Fill fuel tank or add an equal amount of ballast
5. Park the motorcycle on a line perpendicular to the wall
6. Position the motorcycle with the front axle 25 feet from the wall.
7. Draw a vertical centerline on the wall
8. With the vehicle upright and a rider seated on the motorcycle, measure the distance from the floor to the centerline of each LED fog lamp. Record this measurement.
9. Measure the horizontal distance from the headlamp vertical centerline to the vertical centerline of each LED fog lamp. Record this measurement.
10. Mark the LED fog lamp horizontal and vertical centerlines on the wall.
11. See the service manual and loosen the auxiliary lamp housing adjusting hardware
12. Cover the headlamp and right side fog lamp. Adjust the left side Fog lamp position.
-The beam area (4) is horizontally centered on the left side fog lamp center lines(2).
-The top of the beam area is 10cm (4in) below the left side fog lamp center point.
13. Cover the headlamp and left side fog lamp. Adjust the right side fog lamp position:
-The beam area (5) is horizontally centered on the right side fog lamp center lines (3).
-The top of the beam area is 10cm (4in) below the right side fog lamp center point.
14. See the service manual and tighten the auxiliary lamp housing adjusting hardware and if necessary, front turn signal hardware to torque specified

When replacing the LED Auxiliary Lamps, I removed the retraining screw and nut, and removed the auxiliary Lamp retaining ring.
Then, I disconnected the wire harness plug from the back of the auxiliary lamp.
I removed the lamp and nesting ring. I placed the nesting ring at the back of the new lamp with the concave side facing away from the lamp.

I connected a Y-Harness (68355-05) to the auxiliary lamp connectors matching the black fog-lamp ground wire to the auxiliary light connector ground wire (black).

I connected the lamp connector to the motorcycle auxiliary light connector, then installed the lamp and nesting ring in the housing. Aligning the tab on the lamp with the pockets on the nesting ring and located the slot at the bottom of the housing. Then, the retaining ring was installed over the lamp, and rotated the retaining ring so the screw is centered at the bottom. I installed the nut and screw and tightened, then repeated on the other lamp. After both lamps were in place, I proceeded with the alignment of the lights as noted above.

This comparison by Harley-Davidson is spot on when it shows the beam pattern thrown by the Halogen VS the LED headlight. Harley-Davidson lists the LED performance characteristics you can see:
1. Clarity and direction of beam
2. Brightness and depth of light
3. Focused or wasted light
4. Full coverage or gaps in light
5. Curb to Curb coverage
6. Illumination of reflective markings

Once the headlights were aligned, I tightened down all of the retaining rings and took Fringe for a test ride down a few local roads that don’t have good lighting. I have to say when I turned a corner, the lights cast a super bright beam allowing me to see halfway thru the park! Also it really brings out the reflective street signs much more than the old Halogen lamp. Just the few short miles in the dark tonight really had me sold. I definitely made the right choice and dared to compare. There is no going back to the Halogen. I dared, and compared. It’s LED from here on out


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