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Saturday Edition

Harley-Davidson Raingear Test

Stay Dry in Drizzle, Rain, or Hurricane!

By DMAC - with photos by Rogue


The road to/from Sturgis this year was 5,479 miles of mostly beautiful riding weather, with the exception of Georgia, South Carolina and Nebraska rain storms.

This year I brought along the new Women’s Midpoint Colorblock Rain Suit from
Harley-Davidson Motor Clothes. Through the many miles ridden over the years, I’ve tried everything from fishing gear, aftermarket sets, and at times, using nothing except for my jeans and t-shirt. I just deadheaded it to the next point thinking, “I’ll dry off later.”
This suit has changed my mind about using rain gear forever.
This rain suit truly runs to size, accommodating my voluptuous figure and allowing free and easy movement of arms and legs, both on and off the scoot. One of the best features for me was the heat-resistant shields lining the lower, inner legs. A hazard of being short is always burning the raingear inner leg on the crossover pipe, but that didn’t occur with this suit. The heat resistance actually helped as a barrier to the heat thrown off the pipe as well.

The shell of the jacket and pants is made from Oxford Nylon with a mesh body and sleeve lining. The jacket was comfortable and didn’t make you feel like you were in a sauna from holding body heat in – breathability is a great feature.

I also liked the adjustable wrist closures – which allowed me to tighten down and avoid water running “up my arm” while heading down the highway.

The pants have full leg-zippers and stirrups, and a flap you can secure over the zippers –allowing double seamed protection from the elements. The pants proved easy to put on roadside in Georgia – over boots and jeans. Taking them off wasn’t bad either, since the zipper/flap access allows a wide enough opening to slide over my boots, so we could get back in traffic and hit Charleston before the next storm blew in. The stirrup keeps the pant leg secured and prevents ride-up when you sit down and put your feet on the dancing floorboards.

I chose to use the hood under my skin lid (just a personal preference) – but the hood will expand to cover a helmet if needed. IF you don’t want to use the hood, it stays folded up under a flap on the collar, or you can just zip it off, if you don’t want to use it at all. The only negative aspect was the toggle button on the back-collar flap that kept getting caught in my ponytail.

The suit comes with a storage bag, and doesn’t take up much room in my tour Pak or saddlebag. Also for storage, the jacket itself has two deep pockets for hands, and a left thigh pocket that zippers closed. Scotch lite - Reflective Material, works as a source to heighten rider awareness to motorists, on the road. The Harley-Davidson Logo on the jacket back is an extra beacon of reflection to keep the biker safe.

Overall, I have to say this the best raingear I’ve used to date, and it maintains a permanent place in my tour Pak. Ride safe, ride free, but stay dry.

You can find the Women’s Midpoint Color Block Rain Suit (P/N 98203-17VW) where you find Harley Davidson Motor Clothes apparel, at local dealerships. *Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) is $235.00 excluding taxes and shipping. Prices may vary at different dealerships.

PS: Keeping the rain gear handy as Irma passes through Florida today! I’m Sure it will come in handy for the ‘cane!


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