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Checking How Many Pounds Of Pressure You Have



Does your motorcycle have an oil pressure indicator light? Do you know what it means? It means, no oil pressure! Very bad news. Your engine could be destroyed in a matter of minutes. I would suggest you consider installing a Biker's Choice Oil Pressure Gauge so that you know exactly how much oil pressure you have. Knowing is critical for several reasons. If your oil pressure is dropping, it's time to investigate before the light goes on. It could also indicate a low engine oil level. Also, if the pressure drops heat climbs, another issue. 

A quality oil pressure gauge can remedy all of the above and save your engine. There are numerous styles and types of gauges and positions to mount them.

This Biker's Choice install includes an Arlen Ness unit for Harley Twin Cam models. It is a liquid filled gauge which makes for a smoother needle position and provides accurate oil pressure readings. All parts necessary to do the install come in the kit, which is available in Chrome or Black Powder Coat.

This can be installed by a person with basic mechanical knowledge and some hand tools. A service manual is recommended for your specific model motorcycle.

Begin by installing the oil line to the gauge using thread sealant or Teflon tape and using 1/2 and 7/16 inch wrenches tighten the line. Be sure to use two wrenches to prevent damage to the gauge.

The gauge is installed into the mounting bracket and then the cup is added. The gauge is lined up so the face is readable to the rider and secured in position with a set screw. Blue thread locker is recommended on the set screw.

On the motorcycle this gauge was being installed on the two rear gas tank mounting bolts had to be removed and the rear of the tank is raised slightly to remove the two rear rocker cover bolts.

Apply blue thread locker to the two button head screws that come with the kit. Put the screws through the new flat washers and the gauge bracket and fit to the rockerbox cover. Snug both screws and then torque them to 180-216 Inch Pounds.

Lower the gas tank to its original position, add blue locktight to the two bolts that were removed and torque them to 15-20 Foot Pounds.

Remove the factory oil pressure switch from the engine case, clean the threads and apply Teflon Thread Sealer or Teflon Tape to its threads and insert it into the supplied adapter fitting. Repeat on the end of the adapter that will now screw in to where the oil pressure switch was removed from. Tighten until the threaded hole for the oil line fitting is pointing straight up.

Apply Teflon Thread Sealer or Teflon Tape to the threads of the straight fitting and insert it into the adapter fitting.

Install the oil line and tighten.

Slip the small hose clip over the oil line and remove the rear bolt from the front lifter block. Apply blue thread locker to the lifter block bolt, insert it through the flat washer and into the lifter block. Hold the clip so it does not turn and torque the bolt to 90-120 Inch Pounds.

Re-connect the wire to the oil pressure switch and start the engine and check for leaks.

This gauge was purchased from a BIKER'S CHOICE dealer. They also have numerous other styles. If you need to top off your oil tank, consider Spectro Oils.



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