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Dirty Dining: An Adventurer’s Cookbook for bikers who love to travel

Koz Mraz


Dirty Dining is as essential to your next adventure as a compass and a sense of humor. Author Lisa Thomas has been traveling continuously for 14 years with her photographer and taste-tester Simon Thomas. The book reflects Lisa’s ability to use the most basic ingredients to create meals that are simple enough to be cooked over a camping stove or fire. This 162-page, full-color paperback book provides 26 recipes and clear instructions with suggestions for alternative ingredients. She provides advice on food prep, camp kitchens, health, and safety, accompanied by Simon’s lush photography illustrating the recipes and stories from around the world. It will be released in July but you can preorder it now on Amazon.com.

The book is practical as well as beautiful. It will help you figure out what to pack and how to create healthy, nutritious, and tasty meals on extended trips in the USA and beyond. From comfort food and exotic dishes to sweet and gooey guilty desserts, adventurers and armchair travelers alike will appreciate each recipe’s ease of preparation, along with the photographs and the tales of adventure that accompanies each one.  This book is worthy of display on your coffee table, but you may find yourself popping a copy in your backpack or bike bag to made your next adventure taste better.

The book has already won high acclaim from the industry and famous overland motorcyclists including Ted Simon, Sam Manicom, and Roseann Hanson.


“Visually stunning, this book is packed with hard earned experience, top healthy eating tips, fun, and mouth-watering recipes so good you’ll want to be using them at home, too.”

   —Sam Manicom, Motorcycle Overlander, Author, and Travel Writer


“The thoughtfully chosen and carefully tested recipes are introduced by short vignettes of the region or trip-event that inspired them, making you want to jump on a bike immediately and head to far-off places. Add to the stories and recipes the gorgeous images and beautiful layout and you have the perfect recipe for a really top-notch reader- and diner-experience… one of the “must haves” for any overlander’s library.”

   —Roseann Hanson, Founder and Owner, Overland Expo


“Lisa’s Thai curry is simply the best I’ve ever eaten!”

   —Ted Simon, Author, Jupiter’s Travels


Dirty Dining: An Adventurer’s Cookbook

Author: Lisa Thomas

Photography: Simon Thomas

Format: Paperback

Size: 8x10

Pages: 162

Publisher: Misadventures Media

ISBN: 978-1-945703-06-5

Price: $39.99


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