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Brad's BAD DAD Street Glide

Brad’s instructions were pretty simple. “He said he likes dark colors"



For many of us, motorcycles are our passion, and rightfully so.  Our motorcycles are an escape from many of life’s challenges and they provide us with the feeling of real freedom as we scoot down roads both new and old alike.  Our motorcycles are also a chance to express ourselves and our personalities.  From wheels to paint and every detail in between, the custom bikes we build can be the pinnacle of self-expression.


This chance for self-expression is important, and for many of us, we may only have one opportunity to build that one bike of which we have been dreaming.  This single opportunity leaves many of us like a deer in the headlights when it comes time to make those final executive decisions regarding the details of our dream machine.  Which air cleaner should I buy?  Which colors will I use?  Which floorboards should I get?  What skin will I want for the seat?  These are each vital questions that need to be answered during the bike building process.  For most of us, our wish list turns into a scribbled mess of changes, additions, and numerous renditions as our mind considers each and every option.


But not Brad Nemec.  Brad contacted the guys at Bad Dad about building his custom bagger, and after a few brief emails, Brad drove from Chicago, Ill., to Fort Wayne, Ind., to meet with the guys at the shop.  After a few details were discussed and all of his options laid out, Brad made arrangements to have his new 2011 Street Glide sent to Bad Dad’s place.


Brad’s instructions were pretty simple.  “He said he likes dark colors, he wants it to be subtle, and he would like to have it back by July.  That was pretty much it.  We didn’t hear from him otherwise,” says Matt Anderson of Bad Dad.


And so the project was on.  Bad Dad began quickly tearing down Brad’s new Street Glide and outfitting it with the company’s full line of custom body parts.  The front end was torn apart, lowered 1”, and the right-side caliper was eliminated.  A 23” wheel was rolled into place and then covered with Bad Dad’s 23” Wrap Fender to show off the details of the huge chrome wheel.  Since the front end was being cleaned up, Bad Dad also flush mounted Brad’s turn signals inside his front fairing to complete the smooth look.


Making their way rearward, Bad Dad stretched the bike’s gas tank with their Stretched Tank Shrouds and added their Low Profile Dash.  The stretched tank was elongated back to the bike’s side covers which Bad Dad also stretched.  The tank and dash combo was then finished off with a custom seat that was wrapped in stingray skin by Ride-N-Leather of Indianapolis, Ind.


Since Brad wanted to keep the bike black and subtle looking, Bad Dad chose to primarily use black and contrast cut accessories throughout the bike while only adding in touches of chrome to highlight key areas.  The bike’s mix of 14” ape hangers and hand controls finished in black along with the contrast floorboards provided the black look Brad was seeking while still giving the bike some character.



Bad Dad finished the rear end of the bike with their offering of trademarked parts.  Brad’s bike features Bad Dad’s custom rear fender and a set of their Shaved Saddlebags with custom lids and internal latches.  Once the parts were installed, Bad Dad flush mounted Brad’s taillights into the back of the bike and installed their automatic Hide-a-Plate system so the license plate could be remotely controlled.



After it was finally mocked up, all of the bike’s body panels went into Bad Dad’s spray booth.  The bike’s primary colors were left dark per Brad’s request.  A subtle accent of silver leaf was then added by Scal Graphix, a little pin striping to highlight the art, and the bike was finished.


Brad was soon notified of the bike’s completion and arrangements were made to pick up his new custom bike.  The only caveat for the bike’s pickup was that Brad didn’t want to see any photos of it until his arrival at Bad Dad’s shop.  “He said he wanted to be surprised when he arrived at the shop.  We put a lot of energy into the bike so it was really nerve racking for us waiting for him to see the bike.  But when he finally got here, he really loved it,” says Stephen Wiggins of Bad Dad.



Brad actually loved the bike so much he bought a 2012 Ultra so he could build another bike with Bad Dad.  And the instructions for Brad’s next dream bike?  Use dark colors, keep it subtle, and have it finished by July.

Spec Sheet


Owner- Brad Nemec

Shop-   Bad Dad, Inc.

Shop Phone- 260.407.2000

Website- www.baddad.com

Year/Make/Model- 2011 Harley-Davidson Street Glide

Fabrication-      Bad Dad

Welding-           Bad Dad

Assembly-        Mike Goshert, Bad Dad

Build Time-       2 months

Engine- H-D

Year/Type/Size-            2011 103”

Builder- HD

Cases- HD

Pistons- HD     

Cylinders- HD              

Heads- HD

Valves- HD

Rockers- HD

Rocker Boxes- HD

Pushrods- HD

Cams-  HD

Lifters- HD

Throttle Body-   HD      

Carb-    HD

Air Cleaner-   Screamin’ Eagle 

EFI Controller- 

Exhaust- Rinehart

Oil Cooler- HD


Year/Type- 2011 Harley-Davidson


Year/Type- 2011 Harley-Davidson


Front -  Lowered 1”

Manufacturer-   Progressive     

Triple Trees-    HHI

Swingarm-        HD

Shocks-            Legends

Wheels, Tires, and Brakes


Builder/Size-     Pickard 23”

Tire/Size-         Avon

Calipers-          HHI

Rotors- Pickard


Builder/Size-     Pickard 18”

Tire/Size-         Avon 180mm

Caliper-              HD

Rotor-   Pickard


Manufacturer- House of Kolor

Colors- Black & Kobalt Blue over Orion Silver

Painter-            Matt Anderson, Bad Dad

Graphics- Scal Graphix



Front Fender-    Bad Dad 23” Wrap

Front Fender Spacers-  Bad Dad

Rear Fender-    Bad Dad Bagger Fender           

Gas Tank-        Bad Dad Tank Shroud  

Dash-   Bad Dad Classic Dash

Gauges            -           Dakota Digital

Handlebars-      14” Apes

Foot Controls-   Bad Dad

Floorboards-     Bad Dad 992 Floorboards

Engine Guard-  Lindy

Taillight            -           Bad Dad Flush Mount

Front Turn Signals-       Bad Dad Flush Mount

Rear Turn Signals-       Bad Dad Flush Mount

License Mount- Bad Dad Hide-a-Plate

Saddlebags-     Bad Dad Shaved Bags

Saddlebags Latches-    Bad Dad Shaved Bags


Photos: Sam Phen



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