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Tuesday Edition

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Bonneville 2007 Effort

Assalt Weapan Bonneville 2007 Effort, Chapter 1

The Worlds Fastest Panhead Plan

By Bandit and Sin Wu
This will switch, change and fluctuate through out the process, but the notion is simple—Build The World’s Fastest Panhead. Of course there’s no goddamn Panhead class, but what the hell. We’ve never followed any rules in the past, why start now. I’ll ramble ...
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Bikernet 2007 Bonneville Sponsors

The Men And Women Behind the Worlds Fastest Panhead

By Bandit
Click on the banner to become a sponsor. We’re hot after another record and interest is high. Hell, we haven’t peeled ...
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California Customs Bagger Effort-1

Worlds Fastest Bagger Competition Heats up

Photos and text by Joe Cree
So it begins….. I’m not sure when I finally decided to start designing one of our custom bagger models for a run at Bonneville, but I guess it had been rolling around in the back of my mind for some time. As a kid I ...
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Assalt Weapan Bonneville 2007 Effort, Chapter 2

The Culmination Of A Plan--We Made It!

By The 5-Ball Racing Team
Here’s a racer...
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Assalt Weapan Bonneville 2007 Effort, Chapter 3

Action On The Frame And Wheels

By Bandit and Bikernet Readers
In this chapter we’re taking all the plans, boiling them in oil an...
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Chop N Grind Surfaces

The Brothers from 18 Palms Report in

By Bob T, and Johnny what's his name
It’s that time of the year again; race season is about to start! With much success at B...
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5-Ball Racing Chapter 4

Assalt Weapan Frame, Bonne Belle Cases And Pin-up Art

By The entire gang
Hang on, as we ramble into this report after feeling stuck on a Pacific island reef. Our fr...
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5-Ball Racing Chapter 5

Frame And Sheet Metal Madness

By K. Randall Ball
I’m smokin'. This is going to be a scrambled, heavy report, so grab a beer and...
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