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Bikers's for Trump - Daytona Update

The Road to Trump 2020: Bikers for Trump - Daytona Beach Bike Week or Bust!



Chris Cox started Bikers For Trump in August, 2015, with an idea, a vision. With a trademarked Bikers for Trump logo spread across the nation, Bikers for Trump picked up a strong following through involvement with the RNC (Republican National Convention), Rolling Thunder, and Easyriders magazine, among others. Bikers, motorcyclists, and citizens, along with many of those who have "had it" with the previous administration’s 8 years of bullshit, found Bikers for Trump as a welcome political phenomenon, something that had never been attempted before. It unified the bikers, blue collar workers, veterans, and the American people; and gave a voice that was heard throughout the halls of Washington DC, and echoed all the way down to lamestream media.

Bikers have been generally political in the past, most notably with a history of fighting helmet laws, traffic summonses, and in the courtroom against drivers who did not receive a harsh penalty for causing the death of a brother or sister. Bikers also have used people outside of the lifestyle to help achieve their goals, and even when fighting for their rights. This time is no exception. In order for the biker voices, and those of the biker supporters/citizens to be heard, good visible leadership entwined with political activism is the key to making this political phenomenon work. It should make Trump achieve the win in 2020. That leadership needs to be, and is, recognized by the White House as well as respected in the Washington DC political arena. Hence, the Bikers for the President PAC.

Today, Bikers for Trump has given birth to the PAC (Political Action Committee) Bikers for the President PAC which can be found at this web site: https://www.bikersfortrumppac.com/

The PAC is keeping the spirit of the election alive, under Cox’s guidance. Chris has set out to encompass all the energy from the election and give the biker a voice across the country and in the world of politics. Bikers for Trump supports any candidate backed by Trump and the White House in regional, state, and local elections. The PAC's launch will help the citizens of the USA: the veterans, the bikers, the blue collar workers, and everyday people. The goal is to support Veterans, legal immigration, and bikers. There are many changes coming as President Trump welcomes back the industry that previously fled the USA. Changes coming to the infrastructure of America - the asphalt highways and byways that are used by two and three wheels, not just a cage with four. Bikers need to be vigilant and be aware of those changes. They will affect us all. EPA regulations in the motorcycle industry are affected from rules/changes from the previous administration. There are also many other biker related issues out on the horizon (profiling included), that need monitoring. These things are just the tip of the iceberg.

The PAC has been able to have a bill sponsored in the House - HR 4951, for continued operation of open air monuments, etc (see link below). This bill has a special meaning as it is the PAC's first bill to be sponsored in Washington. The purpose of the bill affects Veterans in a way some people may not even think of. Honor Flights are assembled all over the country. There are 131 hubs in 45 states that are actively sending their WWII, Korea, and Vietnam veterans, along with terminally ill veterans to Washington DC. The purpose of the honor flight is a way of saying thank you for your service and honoring the veteran. The veterans also visit "their" National Monument in Washington DC during the trip. All costs are assumed by the organization with the exception of spending money.

Imagine how these veterans would feel if they arrived in Washington DC for their Honor Flight, and found that "their" National Monument was closed due to the government shutdown. Pretty much a slap in the face for the veterans; some who don't have time on their side as they are battling terminal illness.
This bill presented by the Bikers for the President PAC will ensure that these National Monuments will not be affected and will remain open during a government shut down. It's not a huge bill, but it means something, especially to those who travelled thousands of miles during their service to the country, and continued their journey of thousands of miles years later for closure in the Nation's capital. This closure - being able to see the monument that thanks that soldier for their devotion to their country - means alot to those men and women who served the USA so long ago. For some, it may be their last chance to see the monument to them, that was built because of the sacrifices they made during and after their time served.

Honor Flight Network

This election proved that bikers have a voice in America. President Trump hears and acknowledges the BFT voice.

Evidence of the beginnings of the PAC include the introduction of Bill HR 4951 which gives back to the Veterans, and is a start, showing the hard work being done by everyone.
The civilian's gift to the veterans: to fortify the boundaries of the open air war memorials, public lands, or parks. The bill - The Monument Protection Act - is to make it so the parks and memorials will never shut down.

H.R.4951 - 115th Congress (2017-2018): To require the Secretary of the Interior and the Secretary of Agriculture to enter into agreements with State and local governments to provide for the continued operation of public land, open air monuments

Bikers for Trump will be present on Thursday, March 15th, at Willie's Tropical Tattoo Chopper Time Show, 825 South Yonge Street, Ormond Beach, Florida.

Stop by and find out the latest on the Bikers for the President PAC and Bikers for Trump.
Other BFT events are being planned in and around Daytona during Bike Week. Keep your eyes opened for more information as the event nears.

Bikers for Trump launched the 51 group pages on Facebook for each state chapter on April 8, 2017.
Join the group page for your state of residence. All are welcome, who support President Trump.
Links to each Official Bikers for Trump State Facebook Page are below. Copy and paste your state's link in your browser to connect and join.

Thank you for supporting us. Help us continue our mission:

Bikers For Trump Alabama (Official)
Bikers For Trump Alaska (Official)
Bikers For Trump Arizona (Official)
Bikers For Trump Arkansas (Official)
Bikers For Trump California (Official)
Bikers For Trump Colorado (Official)
Bikers For Trump Connecticut (Official)
Bikers For Trump Delaware (Official)
Bikers For Trump Florida (Official)
Bikers For Trump Georgia (Official)
Bikers For Trump Hawaii (Official)
Bikers For Trump Idaho (Official)
Bikers For Trump Illinois (Official)
Bikers For Trump Indiana (Official)
Bikers For Trump Iowa (Official)
Bikers For Trump Kansas (Official)
Bikers For Trump Kentucky (Official)
Bikers For Trump Louisiana (Official)
Bikers For Trump Maine (Official)
Bikers For Trump Maryland (Official)
Bikers For Trump Massachusetts (Official)
Bikers For Trump Michigan (Official)
Bikers For Trump Minnesota (Official)
Bikers For Trump Mississippi (Official)
Bikers For Trump Missouri (Official)
Bikers For Trump Montana (Official)
Bikers For Trump Nebraska (Official)
Bikers For Trump Nevada (Official)
Bikers For Trump New Hampshire (Official)
Bikers For Trump New Jersey (Official)
Bikers For Trump New Mexico (Official)
Bikers For Trump New York (Official)
Bikers For Trump North Carolina (Official)
Bikers For Trump North Dakota (Official)
Bikers For Trump Ohio (Official)
Bikers For Trump Oklahoma (Official)
Bikers For Trump Oregon (Official)
Bikers For Trump Pennsylvania (Official)
Bikers For Trump Rhode Island (Official)
Bikers For Trump South Carolina (Official)
Bikers For Trump South Dakota (Official)
Bikers For Trump Tennessee (Official)
Bikers For Trump Texas (Official)
Bikers For Trump Utah (Official)
Bikers For Trump Vermont (Official)
Bikers For Trump Virginia (Official)
Bikers For Trump Washington (Official)
Bikers For Trump Washington, DC (Official)

Bikers For Trump West Virginia (Official)
Bikers For Trump Wisconsin (Official)
Bikers For Trump Wyoming (Official)


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