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Bikers For Trump - Victory Rallies...
still a'blazing with support for the President...........and P.S.: thanx for the gas!!!
Bikers For Trump - Victory Rallies... still a'blazing with support for the President...........and P.S.: thanx for the gas!!!


In my 29+years, I've never seen the post-election support for a president like I've seen for President Donald Trump. I can't ever remember post-election rallies being held for any president. Hell, even a few short weeks ago, the President and FLOTUS came down to Melbourne, Florida, for a rally to thank the American public for supporting him before, during and after the election. Even during Daytona Beach Bike Week 2017, almost four months after the election, the Trump Train was still a'chuggin' as the Bikers For Trump Organization, just one "boxcar" on that train, held two rallies and laid some foundation for the remaining 3 1/2 years of President Trumps term in office. Just cuz the election is over - doesn't mean the Bikers For Trump organization is going to fall by the wayside.

On Wednesday, March 15th, Chris Cox, Bikers For Trump founder, and other BFT chapter members, along with the local Volusia County Republican Party, held a Victory Rally at the Broken Spoke on US 1 in Ormond Beach. Due to a family emergency, Rogue and I were unable to make that event, but after speaking with some members who attended, and checking out the local Daytona Beach News Journal, it seems those present were still in support of President Trump. The Journal interviewed several bikers in attendance, and they all remain in positive support of our president.

Before this rally started, Chris Cox was presented by the local Volusia County Republican party, with $1300.00 that was raised locally, to be used for his BFT expenses. Bikers For Trump opted to use $1000.00 of funds locally, and pay it forward by offering free gas for bikers at the local Mobil station at the intersection of Younge Street and Granada, until the funds were spent. Didn't take long to use up the funds, but it did put a smile on the faces of, and some extra coin in the wallets of, traveling bikers from all over the USA. Just another way BFT is paying it forward in the community.

link to News Journal : (http://www.news-journalonline.com/news/20170316/bikers-for-trump-still-waving-presidents-banner)

Rogue and I did make the Friday, March 17th, Bikers For Trump Victory Rally held at 3pm at the No Name Saloon in Edgewater, Florida and found that the positive support of our President still echoed over the roar of pipes down US 1! This is the same place where the 1st Daytona Beach BFT rally was held one year ago during the campaign.

"Luck o' the Irish" Trump Supporters!

Casper, President of the Northwest Florida Bikers for Trump, kicked off this year's event with his solo rendition of the Star Spangled Banner, after the invocation, and welcomed Chris Cox to the stage, with his Head of Security, Trigger.


Chris Cox and Trigger

Chris thanked everyone present for their continued show of support for our POTUS, and showed the direction Bikers For Trump is taking post-election. So far, BFT has 300,000 members and continues to grow. Chris states the organization is the "size of the Christian Coalition," and has used this size to help swing votes toward Trump during the election.
He spoke of support from 1%ers, 3%ers, blue collar workers, union workers, and the average man and woman....all unified by the Bikers For Trump agenda, swinging votes that helped Trump win the election.

BFT was recently awarded the Veteran Biker Award from the Vietnam Gulf Coalition, presented by the President of Rolling Thunder. Chris stated he uses " Rolling Thunder is the role model for Bikers for Trump, because they have an international reach."  He strives to be much like them and follow their supportive purpose. His international growth will begin when he takes the Bikers for Trump message via rallies in France and Germany, and hope Americans can learn from the mistakes made by those countries with immigration problems and other related issues.

A comprehensive website is being constructed and will be released soon with a bulletin board for each state so information on events, rallies, benefits, and rides supporting President Trump can be organized and passed along by Bikers For Trump members.

National growth is continuing with new BFT chapters being formed most recently in Northeast Pennsylvania, Northeast Maryland, West Virginia, Michigan, Minnesota, Northwest Pennsylvania, along with the mother chapter in Northwest Florida. Anyone interested in forming a local chapter can reach out to Casper and Miss B from the Northwest Florida Bikers For Trump Chapter on Facebook

Bikers For Trump is also active in local events all over the country. Saturday, March 25th, Bikers For Trump will be speaking at the MAGA - Make America Great Again Rally in Clearwater, Florida. 

Northwest Florida Bikers For Trump is actively involved in the April 15th Northwest Florida Panhandle Tax Party event:

Chris states that Bikers for Trump encompasses a broad demographic, and has a bright future. Judging by the continued show of support from bikers in Daytona Beach during Bike Week, he's on the right track!
"Bikers don't back down, they stand up...... like Donald Trump did!" (Chris Cox)

Friday's BFT Rally video link, at the No Name Saloon in Edgewater, Florida March 17, 2017 -https://www.facebook.com/bikersfortrump/videos/1886958144921874/?pnref=story.unseen-section


Reader Comments

Wow, all 15 people showd up for the big event...

Dr Dummy
North Lawrence
Tuesday, September 26, 2017
Editor Response Stephanie,

Thanks for your response to the Bikers for Trump article.
Sorry to hear the rally you attended didn't have enough attendees.
Not sure what state you are from, but communication is key-
that was the whole point of this article - bringing everyone up
to date.

If everybody at that rally brought a friend....it would've doubled the attendance.
Kind of the way to think for the future - eventually it will catch on.

Here's to Trump 2020.


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