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Whats Happening After The Election



So what happens now, after Donald Trump made it into the presidential office -supported by the 300,000 plus Americans, from all different walks of life, under the umbrella organization, Bikers for Trump? Daytona Bike Week Bikers for Trump Rally held at the No Name Saloon in Edgewater, Florida was the last event of the Bikers for Trump as we all knew it.

Changes are on the way. Chris Cox, Founder of Bikers for Trump, has now officially parted ways with Northwest Florida Bikers for Trump President, RC (Casper) Pittman, who has worked side by side with Cox since the Republican National Convention. Their different visions for the organization's future may have had something to do with it - kind of like the early days of ABATE/MRF rivalry. Not gonna be slinging shit here - but just putting out the facts to keep Bikerdom informed.
To quote a member:

"I'm sure many supporters are feeling similar. Not a dig but genuine concern for a worthwhile movement that seems to be subject to a lot of needless public fighting."

On April 9, 2017, Chris Cox released a video on the Bikers for Trump 2016 Facebook page:

https://www.facebook.com/bikersfortrump/ informing the members he had planned on rolling out the structure of the movement slowly, however, he is aware people want chapters, so he has rolled out 51 group pages to assemble members. Bikers for Trump, per Cox, is a "movement and political phenomenon" encouraging unity and no more division.

Below are the direct links to each of the new, Bikers for Trump (official) state chapter/groups. Everyone is welcome to join, whether you are a biker, or not, rider, or not, weekend warrior, or not, or just John or Jane Q. Citizen.

Cox's link states: "Show your support for our movement and President Trump by becoming a member":

Bikers For Trump Alabama (Official)
Bikers For Trump Alaska (Official)
Bikers For Trump Arizona (Official)
Bikers For Trump Arkansas (Official)
Bikers For Trump California (Official)
Bikers For Trump Colorado (Official)

Bikers For Trump Connecticut (Official)
Bikers For Trump Delaware (Official)
Bikers For Trump Florida (Official)
Bikers For Trump Georgia (Official)
Bikers For Trump Hawaii (Official)
Bikers For Trump Idaho (Official)
Bikers For Trump Illinois (Official)
333/Bikers For Trump Indiana (Official)
Bikers For Trump Iowa (Official)
Bikers For Trump Kansas (Official)
Bikers For Trump Kentucky (Official)
Bikers For Trump Louisiana (Official)
Bikers For Trump Maine (Official)
Bikers For Trump Maryland (Official)
Bikers For Trump Massachusetts (Official)
Bikers For Trump Michigan (Official)
Bikers For Trump Minnesota (Official)
Bikers For Trump Mississippi (Official)
Bikers For Trump Missouri (Official)
Bikers For Trump Montana (Official)
Bikers For Trump Nebraska (Official)
Bikers For Trump Nevada (Official)
Bikers For Trump New Hampshire (Official)
Bikers For Trump New Jersey (Official)
Bikers For Trump New Mexico (Official)
Bikers For Trump New York (Official)
Bikers For Trump North Carolina (Official)
Bikers For Trump North Dakota (Official)
Bikers For Trump Ohio (Official)
Bikers For Trump Oklahoma (Official)
Bikers For Trump Oregon (Official)
Bikers For Trump Pennsylvania (Official)
Bikers For Trump Rhode Island (Official)
Bikers For Trump South Carolina (Official)
Bikers For Trump South Dakota (Official)
Bikers For Trump Tennessee (Official)
Bikers For Trump Texas (Official)
Bikers For Trump Utah (Official)
Bikers For Trump Vermont (Official)
Bikers For Trump Virginia (Official)
Bikers For Trump Washington (Official)
Bikers For Trump Washington, DC (Official)
Bikers For Trump West Virginia (Official)
Bikers For Trump Wisconsin (Official)
Bikers For Trump Wyoming (Official)

Eventually, as the Bikers for Trump new website is rolled out, chapter members will be nominated for leadership roles i.e. officers, who will be vetted prior to election. BFT wants to ensure that their officers are the key people are in place to help carry out their mission.
BFT remains supported and endorsed by President Trump and the White House.
Cox states Bikers for Trump needs to grow from 300,000 supporters, to 500,000, then to 1,000,000 and move forward in unity, as a national movement, to maintain momentum and support President Trump and the Republican Party, hoping for a 2020 re-election.

On the horizon will be press releases issued about upcoming events, i.e. Rallies being held all over the United States, "from Sturgis to Laconia" to quote Cox, supporting President Trump. Per Cox, Rolling Thunder is in the process of endorsing the BFT organization. He has been talking to three major 1%er clubs about show of support. BFT states they currently have support from many of those in the wind - MC members, RC members, Veterans who are bikers, Evangelical Bikers, Independents, "Blue Collar-Union" Bikers, Weekend Warriors, and Millenials.

Bikers for Trump has helped with legislation for two bills in Congress, per Cox. One bill
mentioned, is to bring back Vocational Education for students, something that Obama did away with. This way, there will be more opportunity for today's youth who don' t take the college pathway - to enter a trade, i.e. mechanic, plumber, electrician, etc. This will also provide support to the Unions helping provide enough employees to replace the generation soon to retire.

Other areas BFT intends to be act upon with legislation include:

-better healthcare for Americans
-fighting radical Islam
-supporting American Veterans through better benefits
-supporting policies against illegal immigration

Per Cox, "the American people have spoken. Bikers for Trump needs to be the  demographic helping swing votes to the right leadership (President Trump), so our liberties are protected, and we are in a better position to fortify our boundaries of our family."

BFT can also be used to help unseat the un-cooperative Democrats and Republicans that are blocking the President's attempts to straighten out this country, and replace them, through elections, with people that are with President Trump's agenda. BFT members can come together and be "a super-pack, giving more latitude through the next political season", and remaining unified under President Trump.

Now rolling down the other road - is RC "Casper" Pittman, and Miss B, who previously worked side by side with Chris Cox and BFT since meeting at the Republican National Convention. While still united in their idea to support President Trump, they have now chosen to take a different route than BFT, and are setting up Chapters around the country, while heading up their parent chapter - the Northwest Florida BFT organization. Their mission is to promote coordination peaceful bikers for Trump rallies, and events Nationwide, and to inform voters on issues confronting America.

Casper states: "We are a Positive Proactive COMMUNITY OF LIKE MINDED BIKER PATRIOTS." Casper and Miss B have supported 11 events in the past 90 days, and have become very active in the #MAGA(Make America Great Again) rallies, recently attending one in Clearwater, Florida. He recently had 10 videos posted on youtube.com, but as of today, they appear to have been removed.

Future events they/their chapters intend to support include those listed below - click on the links to find out more information:

April 15, 2017 Tax Day Celebration - Panama City, Florida

April 29, 2017 Unify America Benefit Run - Hookstown, PA

May 13, 2017 Liberty University Commencement Address - Lynchburg, VA

May 20, 2017 World Record Poker Run - Otter Lake, MI

June 14, 2017 United We Stand Flag Day Ride for President Trump's Birthday - Herndon, VA

With the "destination" of both groups being the support of President Trump, the best analogy given for this division in Bikers for Trump, would be Chris Cox's Bikers For Trump is working the political realm in Washington, much like the MRF and AMA does. Casper's group, on the other hand, would be similar to the State and ABATE or Blue Collar movement. Both groups work on the same platforms, but take different roads to get there.

Hopefully, both groups will keep in mind items that still need to be worked on for the motorcycle population in America, including but not limited to:

-Motorcycle Profiling
-EPA regulations in the motorcycle industry
-Ethanol in fuel
-Veterans Support
-Individual State Helmet Laws
-Illegal Immigration

Hopefully in the future, as both groups find their individual routes, they will keep us informed of their advances in the political arena, especially those pertaining specifically to bikers.

Organizations have growing pains, and sometimes the best thing is to realize that it may be better to take different roads to get to that same destination if you can't agree to stay on the same path. The President is going to need votes from ALL ORGANIZATIONS to make things happen in Washington, especially to continue on in 2020. These organizations, traveling different roads, should all reach their destination in time to help keep President Trump in the White House for a second term, thereby Keeping America Great, Again!

We are so lucky to live in a country with freedom. Freedom to choose, freedom of speech, and the right to bear arms! So many others are restricted and have never felt freedom. That is why we need to support President Trump, so we can continue on the freedom highway!

As information is received, we will keep you posted on upcoming events and the Bikers for Trump journey!

Pink Floyd - the Division Bell - A great day for freedom:

Now life devalues day by day
As friends and neighbors turn away
And there's a change that, even with regret, cannot be undone

Respectfully submitted,


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