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Saturday Edition

Adjustable Back Rests from Motherwell

What could be better...

By Wrench and Bre from the Motherwell Crew


What could be better than an adjustable back rest or sissybar? Motherwell manufacturing specializes in sharp, American made fender racks and recently they expanded their line.
"We currently have our adjustable backrests that mount to the 4-point docking hardware on sale for $99.95," said Bre from Motherwell. They are available in chrome and a limited quantity in black powder-coating.




They are quick detach and mount to any Harley 4-point docking hardware. "Or our part MWL-830 and MWL-830B detachable docking hardware kits are also available," said Bre.

 Here are the docking hardware instructions:


1.  Remove two screws (B) from the saddlebag
support on each side of the motorcycle. Lift the slot cover
inserts (A) from the slots in the supports.
NOTE: The docking plates are side-specific. The longer pin (C)
mounts toward the front of the vehicle.
2. Insert each docking plate assembly (1 or 2) into the slot in
the correct-side saddlebag support.
3. Place a washer (8) over the threads of each of the 5/16-18 x
1” screws (7) from the kit. Apply 2 or 3 drops of Red Thread
Adhesive to the screw threads.
4. Install the screws through the docking plates (1 or 2) and
saddlebag supports and into the threaded holes in the frame
extensions on each side of the vehicle. Tighten to 20 ft-lbs.
NOTE: Install the docking points (2) to the
docking plates (1) (flat side facing in).

5. Slide a spacer (3) onto the longer pin (C) of
each docking plate. Slide a docking point (4), chamfer end
first, onto each docking plate pin.
Install a chrome washer (5) onto each of the 1/4-20 x 1/2”
screws (6) from the kit. Apply 2 or 3 drops of Blue Thread
Adhesive to the threads of each screw.
6. Install the screws into the docking plate pins.
Tighten to 10.5 ft-lbs.

WARNING: Before operating motorcycle, be sure all hardware is tight.


Hot Motherwell Flash:

The MWL-421 for Touring Models is being discontinued.

It is available in Matte Black and Chrome and they are discounting the price from $115.95 to $75.00 until they are gone!


"I will include the link to the item on our website and have attached a photo of both the chrome and black models," said Bre.


Motherwell Products
7074 Portal Way #140
Ferndale WA 98248
Ph 360-366-2600
Fax 360-543-9096
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