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I have used a lot of parts from Alloy Art over the years and have always been very pleased with them. I needed to install one of their rear wheel sprocket isolators on my 2009 Harley FLHTC. This turned out to be my first opportunity to finish the job.

This year, 2009, was the first year Harley used this isolator system. A massive rubber isolator fits between the drive belt pulley and wheel hub. This works as a compensator which allows the rear wheel to absorb some of the powertrain shock when riding hard and or in traffic, where you are on and off the throttle. Many overseas manufactures have used this system for decades. 

I checked my isolator, when I do a tire change and had even changed one before and used the Harley rubber unit. At the time either Alloy Art didn't offer one, or I did not know about it.
I was due for a tire change and knew my isolator was also worn as I could feel it.

I decided to get one of the new Alloy Art Isolators because I feel that they are made out of a better material than the original factory part. They are much firmer being made from an injection molded polyurethane material.

When I removed the original Harley part and installed the Alloy Art Isolator into the wheel I felt the difference in fit due to the thicker separators. I also felt a better fit when installing the belt pulley to the wheel.The installation of this part is the same as changing a rear tire and you can have it done by the shop.
This is like the simplest replacement installation on the planet. 

If you do your own work, simply follow the instructions in the Harley Shop Manual.

Note: I feel the drive belt adjustment is Very Important and a belt tension gauge should be used.

Because adjustment may vary slightly from motorcycle to motorcycle check your shop manual for correct settings. For my motorcycle it is 3/8-7/16 of a inch with the wheel off the ground and 10 pounds of pressure on the belt.

Using an Axle Nut Torque Adapter simplifies removing and replacing the axle nut without removing the right side muffler. This tool is available from JIMS Performance parts For Harley Davidson - part number 906

When using the Torque Adapter CARE MUST BE TAKEN to ensure it is perpendicular to the torque wrench since another angle can affect the torque.

For the purpose of adjustment only tighten the axle nut to 15 to 20 foot pounds. Adjust axle until the correct drive-belt adjustment is made and then re-torque the axle to 95-100 foot pounds. Hold axle with a wrench to make sure it does not move the wheel adjustment plate during the procedure. Re-check belt tension and if correct install the axle e-clip with the flat side out

When I test rode, I immediately knew I made the right decision, and we are talking about a part costing less than 40 dollars.



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