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Tuesday Edition


Held at Little Switzerland, located in Slinger Wisconsin on Saturday 9/1/18, We followed a Particular Rider

by Cat Hammes


The forecast for this event was rain, rain and more rain but that did not stop some of the crew, like the infamous Rogue. We heared about a young man, an adrenaline junkie, who shared the passion of not just motorcycles but cars too. He drove not only Harleys but Mopar’s as well, (specifically my favorite the Challenger with 6.4), and he would be racing in the Hill Climb event during the 115th. I was very interested in meeting him and watching him in action and discovering what fueled his passion!

Josh Mueller and Cat
Josh Mueller and Cat

Upon arrival the rain met us with its cool wet swamp ridden grass and mud. Trudging up and down the area, we found Josh by his trailer getting ready for his race. I introduced myself and Rogue to him.
He began to talking about his passion of racing. He was friendly and enthusiastic about what he does and when he started and the inspiration behind it. At 4 yrs. old he raced flat track. It then expanded into motocross but he watched his father hill climb and he wanted to experience the thrill with him, so he began to follow in his father's footsteps.
This young man is fierce on the hill and it was a thrill to experience the feeling this type of race gives you. One of his bikes for the day, (his favorite) a Harley-Davidson, Number 128 with 1450cc power, fabricated by his father at Mueller Welding and Fabrications cranks out insane power. His raw talent, their machines, history and support fueled his passion for these grueling hill challenges. His father, Lloyd Mueller Jr, who isn’t just a fabricator, also races a Harley-Davidson, number 127 he built.

Lloyd Mueller Jr.
Lloyd Mueller Jr.

This young man is not just adrenal driven. He is good looking, smart and highly driven for success and sorry ladies he is spoken for. His father led by example. Josh realized this and was shown the importance of a backup plan.
Josh isn’t just successful at winning or participating in the extreme X games or a Harley-Davidson sponsored racer. He is also a successful Heavy Equipment Operator with the Operating Engineers 139 of Wisconsin. His coworkers, several who came out to show support at the race, share his success and passion on the track and in his day job as a heavy equipment operator.
Josh does admit his adrenaline sport is expensive and to race and travel his career choice funds his passion. When asked why the Operators?
“It’s a good job," Josh said, "and you have to work hard to fund this.” So far Hill Climbing is his favorite two-wheeled sport. He enjoys racing with his father who is just as passionate about racing and the success of both his son’s career and his in tearing up the hills. When his father went down in the middle of the hill, Josh immediately ran up the slippery, mud filled hill to assist him. Although his dad was fine it was refreshing to see the support they have for each other clearly goes beyond racing. This integrity and support of his father seems to fuels a tenacious and successful young man, one who was a pleasure speaking with and watching. Josh Mueller took 3rd place overall in the Hill Climbing event.

Let’s take a look at the history of this young man and his father's unrelenting inspiration.

Lloyd Mueller Jr has been racing motorcycles over 40 years. Lloyd began fabricating bikes in 1986. Lloyd rides Harley-Davidson number 27. His support for his son is very clear but it is just as clear how passionate Lloyd is ripping up the muddy hills. When asked how he felt about the weather? He said the weather has been crazy with thunderstorms, lots of rain even a tornado last week, not far from the event, "But you just do it," Lloyd said. The more a hill challenged Lloyd the more he was driven to conquer it.

The mudslinging up the hills was pure excitement for the crowd. The umbrellas, swampy grass and flying mud didn’t matter. This was one of the coolest events I have had the pleasure of witnessing in Wisconsin!

Harley-Davidson 115th Hill Climb at Little Switzerland was a huge success in my book! I wish Josh and his father many more years of kicking ass against steep dusty or slippery hills! A real pleasure to meet this father and son duo.


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